Being Careless

Just about 45 minutes ago I got bare butt Over The Knees Spanking.
Today in the morning Tiger gave me a file and told me to keep it safe in the study Drawer. I was in the kitchen having my coffee, I said I will and he kissed me and left. I put that file in the lower self and started talking with my stepson and latter I totally forgot about the file.

Now about an hour ago Tiger came to me in the living and asked me about the file, then I remember it was in the kitchen all the time. Tiger said to me, "how can you be so careless and neglecting". I knew I was going to be spanked infront of my sons. So I just stood and I apologized. Tiger sat on the couch, I asked Tiger how did he want to spank me, should I undress completely. Tiger asked me to hike up my skirts and I did, feeling little bit tingling in stomach. Tiger pulled down my thongs to my ankles, right there infront of my stepsons exposing my naked legs and bare butt and put me on his knees. I got the feeling that they were all gawking at my naked vagina making me more excited and wet. Tiger started spanking me. 

Then Tiger asked me to bring that file but told me not to pull up my thongs and I have to keep my skirts hiked up so as expose me bare red butt and excited naked genitalia. I brought him the file and then I was free to go to my room. 
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This is why I dont spank for fun except in bed, it promotes 'mistakes' to get more spankings. When I spank for discipline, no one has a good time. I don't want to play games I want to be obeyed.

How intense.. I would imagine it will be a strong memory for your stepsons forever and sets the tone for the house. I have one woman i chat with - her new husband, and her 23 year old stepson both at times will punish her.

i must be a mixed feeling :)

I am sure you have learnt your lesson well;)

yes, I have learnt my lesson well... it was really stinging, humiliating and excited:)

How intense.. aside from the lesson learned - interesting if the stepsons are allowed to learn how to punish a mature woman as well.

Have you seen your stepsons naked or spanked?

no, not even for once!

Well, you did forget and this was corrected.

yes I know and admitted infront of him and I also apologized him for being careless.

Well I am sure you will be more attentive now.

I will try my level best. atleast I hope so.

All anyone can ask

would you like to see your step sons bare butts and spanked also??? will that excite you

Probably not.

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