Family Day Out

I remember being about 11 years old when this happened. Every year my whole family would spend a summer day by the big lake, we took picnics and toys and I have some of my best memories there. Anyway mum dad and my little sister Sophie arrived at the lake, my grandma and pops were already there and my aunt was there with my cousins Paul aged 10 and John aged 13.

Me and my cousins got into trouble regularly when we were little usually because they were typical boys so we would play rough and inevitably someone always got hurt.

During the morning my dad and pops was showing the boys how to cast a line and catch fish and my mum was playing a ball game with my little sister. I was with my grandma chatting and sorting out all of the stuff we had brought. I often think that the older generations grew up on a different planet not just a different time as she often thinks the simplest things are the worst crimes. For example in her eyes to backchat an adult was a massive sign of disrespect and earned you a spanking.

Anyway we were chatting about school, and boys and what I had planned for the summer. I knocked one of the jugs of juice over and spilt it all, no big deal, but as I did it I said 'dam it'. My grandma came up behind me and gave me 3 hard swats on my shorts and reminded me that I am never to use bad language. When I looked up I realised that my dad and pops had seen that I had got into trouble.

We all sat together and had lunch and then me and my cousins went to play in the lake. I had worn my swim suit under my clothes as we usually ended up swimming etc when the weather got hot. John started to skim stones and was teaching me and Paul how make the small stones bounce across the water. My dad shouted for us to not throw stones as there were other children about and someone could get hurt. When they went back to their adult conversation we had a few more turns, I stopped immediately when I heard my grandmas voice, "Sarah, you have already been smacked for bad language do not make me smack you for disobeying your father". Hoping my dad wasn't listening I shouted back sorry and encouraged my cousins to come and play a different game by the trees.

We each snapped off a stick and began a major battle scene of sword fights mixed in with some crazy Kung fu moves. We were laughing and playing and totally engrossed in our game that I didn't see my little sister approach. Just as I was doing one of my biggest and most impressive moves I turned and hit my sister in the side of the head with my stick. She instantly screamed and next thing my grandma had pulled my bikini bottoms down and was smacking my bottom. She was about to start lecturing me when my dad grabbed my arm stating, "mum I'll deal with this". My dad never pulls my pants down to spank me, he hits that hard that he doesn't see the need, but seeing as my grandma had already bared my bottom my dad didn't see the need to cover it up again. He immediately started to spank me, his massive hands meaning every swat covered my entire backside. I was stood facing my cousins, although I could only tell they were still there as I could see their feet, I had my head down out of sheer embarrassment and humiliation at being stood wearing only a bikini top and having my dad spank my bottom.

It felt like forever my bottom was stinging, it felt like it was on fire and I was crying and shouting sorry in the hope to make him stop. Eventually he did and he spun me round to face him, he then made sure I knew why I had been spanked and made me apologise to himself and my grandma who was stood next to him. I heard one of my cousins make a noise when I had been turned around as they now had a plain view of my well spanked bottom. My dad looked at them and stated that hey better start behaving too or they would get the same treatment. I was then able to pull my bikini bottoms back up and I was sent to apologise to my sister and spend the rest of he day sitting with the adults.

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Jan 22, 2013