Straitjacket Bondage

one of my friends asked me to spend the weekend at his place,he told me to be there for 7pm and when i got there, there was a note to use the spare hidden key and go up to his room,when i did i got a supprize there was my friend in a morphsuit and a straitjacket on the dresser was a note with a key to let him out at 9pm (he asked his parents to do this to him so they did thinking he would freak out and they would let him out) he was done up at noon,so at 9 i let him out and we went to bed the next day he said it was my turn so i said o.k. he helped me into the suits and did them up and told me that he wasn't going to let me out untill monday, it felt devine to be confined like that for 36hours. please comment on story ilike to see what people would say
fredricton fredricton
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Dose his parents put him in it alot and do they tickle him when his stuck in it

Sounds divine.


All my straitjackets have two crotch straps so my partner weather it be male or female has access to both my front goods and rear goods. And if I'm wearing other stuff that makes getting to my goods I always have my mouth ;)

Vary cool, did you guys do anything while you we're all strapped up? Was that your vary first time in a straitjacket?

no it wasn't my first time in one, and how can you do anything in one ,if you don't mind me asking??

OMG You are so very lucky. I've always wanted to try straightjackets.

great friend. Are you going to do it again?

oh yes, very soon!!

it was a pvc straitjacket and he had the matching pants to wear,and for the restroom i only had to go for #1 no #2 when i would wet myself my would just hose me down for eating he would spoon feed me oatmeal.

Wow! 36 hours in a straightjacket. hope it was a rubber or pvc one. what did you do about going to the toilet, and were you allowed to eat?