Comfy In A Straitjacket

When I wear my straitjacket I love to be comfy. To do this I like to wear in this order a boy leg 1 piece swimsuit, a pair of fleece lined tights, a long sleeved turtle neck velvet leotard & a catsuit. Depending on how I feel it could be my rear zip made to measure leather catsuit, a lycra catsuit or one of my polar fleece hoodie footie mittened pj's. I love to be tightly belted in because it feels safer. If I want to stay in it for a few hours I'll put a diaper on, Getting out of a straitjacket & cuffs is imposable on your own.

Quite often I ask the person helping me to put me in my set of locking medical cuffs as so, wrist cuffs go round my ankles with the long belt fed through them, I kneel to allow them to feed the belt up between my thighs & around my waist, pulled tight & locked. Then my ankle cuffs are fitted around my upper arms with the shorter belt fed through them & across my back & pulled into a comfortable position then my sleeves are fed through the tummy loop then the side loops & snugged up removing all arm movements.

I also ask to be gagged & muzzled. The gag is not a ball gag as I find them painful after a while. I use a silicone beginners gag removed from it's belt so it will fit in my muzzle or isolation hood which is padded & belts tightly over the eyes , mouth & under chin.

I find wearing all of this is really comfy & relaxing, it may look Savior & cruel but I'm the one asking & wearing. It's also fun to try & do simple things like reach a cup of squash with a straw in it & drink or even get from a lying position to a kneeling position. I find it great fun.

I am single & not really into either male or female sexually, I just love the clothes & restraints. I've been too scared to say anything to my family or friends about this for many years, until about a year ago when I plucked up enough courage to tell a friend who now helps me as a friend not a partner. During this short time I've grown more confident in myself to tell others, the last person who I told was my oldest niece who has a family of her own & in my eyes has shown me that I could trust her with this. My parents are of the generation where this would be unacceptable & I don't want to hurt them. My niece has mentioned different paths to try & this website is one of them. I'm looking for the next step but haven't found it yet.
kopparberg40 kopparberg40
46-50, M
Jul 31, 2013