Fingered In A Bar.

We went to a bar near our house that had a live band and lots of crazy people. I nearly always wear a short skirt of dress as I love showing off my legs and flashing guys. We partied all night and I danced with a lot of the guys. Towards the end of the night one of the guys walked me back to my table and we invited him to sit with us. I had removed my panties earlier in the evening as I love the feel of the air against my shaved crotch. The three of us sat in the booth, husband on one side and him on the other so we could watch the antics on the dance floor.
I started kissing him and then rubbed him over his pants. He slipped his hand up my skirt and started playing with me. If felt so good to be there with all the people around getting my pussyyy worked on. My husband just sat and watched.
The waitress came over and asked if we needed drinks and saw what he was doing, she only smiled and when she went to the bar I noticed the bartender looked over at us and I smiled back. We knew both of them and I am sure they told a lot of other people what was going on.
I rubbed him and he rubbed me until we both came. He made a mess in his pants, he had to untuck his shirt to walk out so no one would see the wet spot.
Later at closing time I picked up a guy and we took him home. My husband went straight to bed but we stayed up for hours playing in the hot tub and our "play room" Great bar, I have picked up a lot of guys there and had sex in the bathroom a bunch of times. Nothing like a quicky during the night to keep you going! The owners are really cool and put up with a lot from me but the day I flashed the bartender and the whole bar applauded the owner put his foot down. Had to blow him to get back in. No problem really, I would have done that anyway!
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YOU are a just my kind of woman. Letting yourself get fingered in a bar is one of the hottest things a woman can do, I think. PLease add me. I want to be sure to keep up with any further adventures.

You go, girlfriend!!!

Wow what a great story.<br />
I would love to see that.

that was

You are one sexy horny *** sucking, flirty, sex hound of a woman... I love i,t wish there were more women like you..