His Hands On Her Legs

My wife went on a business trip with a guy from work. It was an overnighter so she knew they would be going out that night together and she carefully chose her clothes wearing a high neck dark grey dress with short tight sleeves slightky puffed shoulders and was short revealing her very sexy legs. He couldn't keep his eyes off her legs until his hands took over and he reached across and stroked them a few times as they drove and chatted. My wife didn't flinch so his hand kept returning and then at the restaurant under the table he enjoyed a few more feels before they decided to head out to a bar. She drank a few beers during tge meal but he was on fizzy water and again in the jeep his hand returned to her flesh. Even in the bar as they sat sipping their drinks his hand slid up and down her leg adage sat cross legged and he squeezed her inner thigh until she felt like people were staring and took his hand in hers to stop him from getting too frisky. She held his hand as they chatted and he said he wante her to go with him to a club but she had already drank enough and was wanting to get to her bed early so in order to stop him from going on about the clubshe said she simply offered to give him a blow job if they left after that drink. She knew he wanted it and said his eyes lit up as he nodded his answer. I was so horny when she told him how she bluntly offered the guy a blow job and knowing how amazing hers can be I was jealous of him but happy that he would have his **** in her mouth. She said he rushed his beer, his first and last of the evening and then rushed outside ushering her quickly into his 4x4 then drove to a secluded car park and stopped the car in the pitch black. She said they hadn't spoke since leaving the bar and she was sitting in the passenger seat with her back to him while she finished her cigarette before throwing her butt out the window and turning to face him. I kept asking her what she was feeling but she just went on with the story and I was rock hard listening but also nervous about where this would lead. She has never had sex with anyone behind my back and I'm not sure I want her to I mean I want her to have sex with another man but I want to be there to share her first time. She had a naughty look in her eye when she continued and I became jealous of the guy and what might have happenned. She said she was sat with her legs up on the seat facing him and with her knees together. He leant over and touched the knee that was on top of the other then slid his hand all the way up her bare leg almost reaching her *** when his face was so close that he kissed her. The first kiss she said was a peck and she worried about her smoky breath but when his hand reached her *** his kiss was passionate and his Tongue was soon in her mouth. I was shaking all over when she told me about them kissing in the dark car park. I wanted it to be me but then I wanted it to be him I then I wanted to be in the back seat watching them and willing him to ride her. I don't know what was going through her mind but she said she stopped kissing and just said 'get it out then' I love her direct approach and so must have he because he removed his jeans and then his boxers so she could lean over and stroke his already hard ****. Her nails were a shiny black that night and I imagined them touching him. She leaned in and kissed him again before bending down and taking him into her mouth. She said he groaned alot and loudly whilst his wondering hands found her skin again and that's when everything changed. She said she didn't realise at first where his hand was going as she concentrated on sucking him but soon realised it was inside her pants. He worked his fingers across her **** until his moaning was drowned out by hers and she found herself giving up on the blow job and climbing back up to snog him. She kissed him widly as he fingered her and she twisted her body round until she was lying on her back in his lap with her legs wide apart and her ***** pointing out the passenger window. That must have been a sight I said but although in the beginning she was afraid of being seen inside the car she said as he dug two and sometimes three fingers into her she couldn't care less and wanted just to have an ******. His other hand groped her **** through her dress and she knew he would love to get his hands inside but as it was neck high it wasn't possible. She moaned loudly and bucked her body up as he fingered her as if he were ******* her until she came with his fingers inside her his Tongue in her mouth and his other hand trying desperately to squeeze under tge neck of her dress. She said she closed her legs tight squeezing his hand as he body filled with delight until she relaxed and felt an amazing ****** take over her. Afte that she said she was more adventurous and turned again to suck his **** which had softened slightly but before bending down she unzipped her dress and pulled it off her shoulders and down to her waist so he could see her sexy coral bra in the dim light which matched the coral pink knickers he had his hands inside and that were by then soaking wet. She said she was so wet down below that she made slushy noises as she turned and then leaned down to suck him again. His hands slid all over her back feeling her skin and bra straps but she stopped him before he unhooked it not wanting to be fully exposed in the car park but he persisted pulling at her shoulder straps so he could get his hands inside her bra. He squeezed her amazing **** and ****** her mouth getting more excited until she stopped and started kissing him allowing him to move her bra expose a nipple and feel her naked breast as she finished by stroking him and kissing him until he burst out spraying his juice up her arm and showering the 4x4 before oozing the remainder onto him. It was everywhere she said and they had nothing to wipe it up so they had a laugh as they dressed and drove on back to the hotel even more so when they stopped at a garage and he had to limp in and buy her a bottle of water with his cold *** dripping down his leg. He kissed her goodnight at the hotel and she went to her room rang me and told me the story.    
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I'll bet she let him **** her in the *** as soon as she had told you and not got in trouble. She probably has been ******* him at work and if you look in her laundry for her dirty panties you will probably find his dried *** load. I suggest you have her invite him over so that you can watch him **** her and fill her ***** full of his ***. She may ask you to clean her up and maybe his **** as well. Later she will have you suck him until he is good and hard and then hand guide his **** into her ****.

If it was my wife, i never would have been told what happened. The closest experience i have EXPERIENCED like this was when my wife was with me on a business trip and after having a big fight she left me in the hotel room with the kids and went to the hotel cocktail lounge. After 2 hours I got the nerve to go to the lounge and found her in a booth with a truck driver snuggled up close with her hands under the table. An hour later looking into the corridor I caught her and him slipping into another room down the hall. She finally returned to the room about 1 AM and thinking I was asleep just layed next to me and fell asleep. I could not help it as I had to inspect her ***** only to find it very sticky and very wet which could have been her love juices mixed with his ***. I found it very sticky also around her butt crack and her lips being very moist and sticky from saliva. Did my wife cheat on me that night, I will never know for sure but I can only blame myself and also why ,as a man, I did NOT DRAG HER OUT OF THe COCKTAIL LOUNGE OR WAS I NOT REALLY A REAL MAN? My wife at this time was 31 years old, blond, blue eyes, very smooth complexion, very attractive with a 34C cup , 24 inch waist, and 37 butt with thunder thighs but slim calves and several guys have told me they would love to get into her pants especially her butt.

Loved that story. Got more?<br />

fabulous! :) Thanks

wow great wife story . i love it when the relation is so strong the partner can tell the other about sex-capades and adventures with other partners. Made my **** hard reading your story, thanks..

That sounds like a nice getaway.

She sounds very hot! dc :-)

Good lord that's a hot story. Dude you must be having the time of your life right now; and so is she it seems like. What a great, lucky couple. Please tell her I'm in lust with her.