Strong And Feminine

I am a strong woman. In my family of origin, I am the baby, but, when a tragedy happens, they all call me to handle things now that my Father has passed. I have long hair, I wear make up and floral cotton dresses and I go barefoot with painted toenails most of the time, but, don't be fooled, I am no sissy. I stopped asking permission to do what I please decades ago. I am not a child. I give respect and I get respect in my life. I stay home because I choose to, but, when our finances call for a second income I am ready to put on scrubs or dawn a welding shield, I bend easily, I go with the flow. I don't fit into ANY mold. I am tender and I am bold. I am a caregiver and I am a nurturer but I can plow rocky ground and I can drive a big truck. I am as sexual as any man and I am as wild as a Bob Cat when I aim to be. I am virtuous and I am vulgar. I am dependable this way. My daughters could change their own tires before they could drive a car alone. They could not date unless they did the driving, they married good men, respectful men. My son is a retired military officer that can cook and sew, he is very kind but he is no woman's victim. My husband is no sissy either, he appreciates my nature. He is far more sophisticated than I will ever be, but he enjoys my earthiness. He calls me "Doll" but he says it with respect.
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I love strong women or I would say confident women. I do usually attract under confident women, I think it's because I'm confident and at peace with myself. As they day confidence is sexy :)

Good stuff! Thanks fer the nice read :)

I read some 3 stories so far and I have already become your fan. Continue being honest and this is what make you and your write ups beautiful <3

Another favourite story! I absolutely love the last line "He calls me "Doll" but he says it with respect." Wish there were more people like you...

Vad härligt gillar absolut starka Quinnor

What a great story.................B

Loved you Strong women, feel either you were one of us or are one of us.

You are a role model for us all! Very well said. Thank you!

Bright Blessings and heartfelt thanks!

Beautiful <3

Thank You! :-)

Bless you. This is a celebration for strong women everywhere

Thank You kindly, and thanks for dropping in! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this.

A sister strong woman....bravo!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us,thoroughly heart felt and honest!! Funny how some men,even in this day and age consider that we women are weak people.....We are usually a little softer,kinder and smell better lol....but we are definitely Not the weaker sex!! Praises to strong women everywhere!! love,peace & prayers to you my friend!!

Thank you for your kindness, your comments made my heart sing my friend!

**THANK YOU** Reading this really makes my day!!! :-) :-) :-)

Thanks so much, and thanks for dropping in.

I raised my kids in the same, way, being a single Mom since 18 years ago. They are independent, considerate, hard working and relentless towards no respect. I congratulate you for putting this out there. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example!

Thank you for reading this and for your comments. Brightest Blessings to you and yours and congrats on raising wonderful children on your own.

What a wonderfull women you are with a wonderfull family , loved your story , my dad used the same words for my mom and cherished her for 68 years.

Awwwe how sweet and thank you for stopping by, Bright Blessings.

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great write :)

You are truly wonderful~thank you precious friend.

Cheers for the strong and delicate women of the world (^^ゞ

Love that avatar, it's vivid color against the black background is gorgeous dear one. Thank you. :-) xx