Go Tamron Hall!

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5 Responses May 12, 2012

I agree with CWS on this one, I hope they don't. We have so few media outlets that are not kowtowing to the corporate sponsorship.. we cannot afford to lose any that are capable of self-thought.

That's for sure.

I like Current, particularly Vanguard, as I see stories out of them FAR before anyone else WITH the means wants to go put their *** on the line. As for Keith.. he makes me chuckle, so we watched him periodically. My son was a huge fan of the Young Turks, I think because we are basically independents who have raised him that way, and they really triggered something for him. I REALLY loved how Ms. Hall gave it to him though. Ranked up there with Anderson's dismissal of the plastic surgery mom from hell.. or at least, that is my fond nickname for her. Did you see that video? It was the classiest dismissal I've ever seen on tv, not that I watch the show. I saw it on the evil FB place. lol

The club?

I kind of wonder if she has ever been in the club.

She wasn't going to let him derail the conversation, and sent him packing when he wouldn't get in line. I was impressed, too.

In full control! I'm giddy. Tamron has a new admirer...me!<br />
Tamron Hall is precisely the kind of woman that television needs.

Excellent! It's refreshing to see someone standing up to such cant. I wish more would follow her lead.