She Is My Strong Girl.

Yes, she was a freak, wick lovely girl when she entered in her adolosence, but soon she came to know she has to be hard if she want to survive in a megacity. people here wont ask for a friendly smile but ask her to have a night with them.
people harrashed them vivid types. even. when her boss tried to touch she could not believe. she spray her perfume in boss eye and shot a kick between his legs. bos shouted loudly and threw out of her cabin.
she went to a stiching helping Ngo and they sell her to a rich person. she snatched face of that dirty snob. Ngo threw her out saying a *****.
she went to a hotel to beg a bread...hotel owner gave her a bellyfull dinner with fatherly care.
When she finished he handed her a job and request her to sleep in staff's cabin.
Last night when she awoke she became speechless, boss was touching her breasts.
He persuaded her for a night.
She darely spoke-
"Sir, You are demanding a night which i have already lost.
Now i have only a moment, when you addressed me 'daughter'
still you want to take it from me?
If yes, I shall return you that...."
I can never forget that girl.
"She is my strong girl"
Hotel owner still smiles at me.
HariPadaradha HariPadaradha
26-30, F
Jun 21, 2012