Oh Noo You Didn't

I give it up to the people out there who are movable forces in this world.  I applaud you!!  I admire the ones who don't stand back and let the "bad guys" get away with it.  You are my hero!!  I want to learn from you and hear your story.  What made you who you are?  What situation touched or changed your heart to make a difference in this world.  I hope you realize that many eyes are on you and you give alot of people hope and strength.  You help those who have no voice say, God Bless it, that's right I'm not gonna take it anymore!"  You have started a chain and alot more people are striding tall beside and behind you maybe unknowingly helping you to say, No More.  Keep on being a positive presence and voice wherever you are.  Keep on strutting.  Your walk is one of a kind!

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Yep Yep! Thanks for the comment!

yeh a lot of people are like that , one of them are tupac my role model he was the greatest rapper ever and a poet , guivara was great too all the people who stood up and did something agienst the corruption they had the balls to do so and the motive i also believe that to do good u have to do bad but that bad u do ain't really bad but they define it as bad cause right and wrong is different from one place to anther and from one religion to anther the right is what u see it is right the wrong is what u see it is wrong based on your experience in life and people look at other people and punish them for what they did those people believe that they are right and what they did they had to do u gotta change those people way of thinking before they do something to hurt other people like movies that have areal meaning behind it songs stuff like that it tells you i know what u been tho and i know u see life as a mess and u u have to make ur way though it with every way u can and that's ur right see i tell him that's your right to do so cause like tuac said i can't see people eating everyday next door and i don't have nothing to eat and be cool with it u will ask them first politely and say plz then u say i need this then after ayear u gona hold agun and say give me this **** am sturving that's what happens everyday so they should tell em i know u had to deal with life the way u did and when u have to judge they shouldn't judge the low life thugs or drug dealers who are just making tho they should judge the big guys who have more money than the sand of desert who robe us and wast our cash in all the bullshit they do