Whoopass, For One...

Let's see. There's Whoopass, the best energy drink there ever was- based on a Japanese formula. Then there's Kombucha Wonder Drink, which I have actually found occasionally afterwards, but it was in cans, and the metal made it taste nasty. Then, SoBe, oh good lord! First they got rid of my favorite flavor, Oolong Tea, and then some idiot decided to put 2 times as much sugar into the Green Tea, which I was drinking as a lesser substitute for the Oolong Tea, in the first place. Who the hell do they get for these focus groups- a colony of ants?! Why the hell do these f*cking executives always have to add MORE sugar to everything?!?! Do they even still make the Coke that had half the sugar? What was that called: C2 or something? And if I remember correctly, C2 started out simply having HALF the sugar and that was it- it was the same as regular Coke! Then they went and f*cked that up by putting- bane of my existence- artificial sweetener in it. Splenda, Aspartame, Saccharin- I don't give a sh*t how many studies have been done to prove they're not bad for you (methinks the FDA doth protest too much, btw, but that's another story... ) NO AMOUNT OF RESEARCH IS GONNA CHANGE THE FACT THAT IT TASTES LIKE SH*T!! IT DOES!!!! Oh yeah, and the shredded wheat squares that had the raisin filling in the middle- can't remember the name. And this last one is pretty far off topic, but it's in the same spirit: BRING BACK MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000!!! Who are these retards running the sci-fi channel????


OH! One more thing! Thanks to the jackasses at the DEA, the jackasses in congress, and the jackasses who want America to be a padded cell with not even the remotest hint of danger allowed, EPHEDRA!!! I'm talking about like Xenadrine that contained Ephedra! I used to be able to work out 2 times as long on that stuff without getting tired. Now, I think I can actually sympathize a little with the people who used ecstasy, pot or LSD before they were outlawed, because I hear people saying ephedra is SOOO dangerous. Oh, obviously, it must be, because it's ILLEGAL, right??? And as we all know, illegal things are dangerous!!! Gawd, maybe LSD wasn't as bad as people claim? I just know ephedra wasn't. But big nanny government knows best, right? And not that I even liked it when I did it, but SALVIA? Give me a f*cking break! Not dangerous! But I guarantee it's next!

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

it really depends on how many you take it was a great help when i worked midnights :oD

LOL!!! i'm with you on the MST3K and Ephedra what the hell is stacker 2 with no ephedra. i'll tell you complete trash! it was like legal cocaine hand shaking and teethe grinding included....what a country