Strength In Submission

The subjuect of submissive men came up during a recent conversation with a new EP friend.  It was deja vu all over again as He shared His distaste for male subs because He believed them to all be effeminate, weak, simpering little boys.  Naturally I disagreed, having known and played with submissive men who are physically, emotionally, and psychologically as strong or stronger than any Dominant Men I've known.

I don't know the sub in this photo, but I sure wish I did.  If ever there were a poster boy for strong submissive men, he is it.

I can't stop looking at this photo -- his straining muscles as he balances on his toes, the taut chains that force his legs apart, the hook lifting his *** into the air, and his magnificent erection are breathtaking. 

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I recently posted an exploration of why it was that I wanted to be disciplined, then updated it to include an exploration of why it was that I wanted to submit at all. It's interesting to write that sort of thing, because it makes me examine my logic and reasons - particularly when it comes to something I feel sure I won't enjoy at the time. So I enjoyed reading your logic - an exploration from the other side. An amazing picture, too - I'd like to be in something similar to that, in the sense that it shows suffering and an erection at the same time.

@Larry As a submissive slave, one I hope my Mistress considers to have some strength even though I'm not a pain ****, let me offer this advice: I think you would be amazed at how many men would give their left nut yo be in your position, many of them literally give that nut. If you truly love and trust you wife then let go and enjoy. Shock, fright, embarrassment, humiliation - all natural. And since you let yourself get into this position there's some part of you that wants it. Enjoy.That embarrassment can be a powerful turn-on. Again, I point out so many men crave that dominant woman in their life that will give them that embarrassment; let me repeat crave that embarrassment. My Mistress says blog for the whole world to see how you ******* and I jump to do that - including posting clear videos of my face as I suck my *** from a condom. (SPJ-OLog on Blogger). <br />
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You will want a little bit of fright, too. Yes, you trust your wife (I hope) but you never know...) If your wife truly loves you she won't require more of you than you can give but it may be quite a bit more than you THINK you can give.<br />
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I believe this thing called BDSM is ALL about sex. There are certain people, a very large number of those people who want/need/crave something "different" with their sex. And the meeting of the minds that puts a Dominant and a submissive together in real life - that is a union made in heaven. Everybody gets what they need

Wow that scares me. My wife seduced me into putting her in charge of the bedroom. At first I was shocked, frightened and embarrassed, now just mostly embarassed by how many people know. She's showed me her power, but nothing like any of this. I wonder if I should be worried because I know she derives a certain amount of pleasure by making me squirm.

Not that is one hot shot Mistress P. Would you ever consider chaining me in such a position of helpless submission?

It takes a strong confident man to be submissive in the true sense of the word.

I know a dirty old man who is crying even before he gets spanked because of the TS feeling from the anticipation

@Gr3b3 -- Displaying you like this would bring Me no end of pleasure. But we both know that just straining to maintain position would not be enough -- a few smacks with a razor strap or shocks from the wand to your balls would make you squirm and pull against the hook in your *** in the most spectacularly painful way.<br />
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@shyntwisted -- I can only imagine! It drives Me crazy -- I can't understand how anyone who even remotely knows Me would think I'd have any interest in surrounding Myself with doormats. The physical characteristics of a male sub are of little importance to Me -- I love the connection we make, not the package it comes in. But I do love to see a sub physically taken to his limit, be it like the very hot boy pictured above or a Dirty Old Man who gets spanked until He cries...<br />
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Keep up the good fight to educate and change perceptions. As Cesar Chavez said, that's how you make major change in the world -- talking to one person at a time...