Submissive Male/toilet Slave

Pretty girls - hot women...did you ever fantasise about having a man-slave who would do any and all of your bidding? I mean everything - from listening to your troubles/anxieties/ a non-judgmental and open-minded way - to being a domestic servant for, dusting, vacuuming - even some cooking...? Want me to do your laundry - no problem. I'll wash your whites separately, by hand - especially your knickers. We don't want those going an ugly grey do we? If you prefer a more intimate approach, I can try and lick them clean using my (trade-mark) Lizard-Tongue.* I believe I have one of of the longest, wettest,most athletic, flexible and manoeuverable tongues in the world (according to ex-girlfriends.)
Dirty toilet bowl? let me lick it clean. Nothing is too much or too dirty for this toilet-slave you've just engaged. Would you like me to join you when you're pooing and peeing? I'd love to. I'll patiently kneel at your feet as you perform. Let me put my hands under your bum cheeks as you do it..nuzzling and licking your hot *****. Want to pee in my mouth? Go ahead - I'll drink every drop. Constipated? poor darling, let me help with a well-lubed finger and maybe I can dig out some welcome and hidden treasure. Just to show you how much I value this exciting find, I'll gently withdraw my encrusted finger and, in front of you, proceed to smell and lick it spotlessly clean. Maybe you feel like pooing it over my hand if you like. I'll hold it for a while enjoying its special texture, but never forgetting to keep tonguing your by now, absolutely soaking wet *****. So you finally finished pooing over my hand? Thank you for sharing your very essence with me, it was lovely - and the most beautiful thing a woman can do is to share her very core with a man.
The air is full of the heavy smell of your poo. I asked you to close the door to keep the odour in. I no longer gag or choke, I am as one with all of your sex smells. Their heady fragrance drives me wild with desire.
So it comes as no surprise when I invite you, now finished, to stand up and turn round so I can clean your bum in my own special way.I can see little **** streaks on the puckered portals of your sacred hot hole. Closer and closer I put my mouth to your anus and kiss it gently and warmly. My Lizard tongue is out immediately licking and cleaning round your rose-bud. Your intimate and musky fragrance is now all over my mouth and nose. Sadly for me, the more I lick the less you smell. If only you could squeeze out some more of your hot poo...? You try but nothing but little hot farts come. I sniff them hungrily and passionately. All your smells drive me wild. Pressing my index fingers to your moist anus I open you up for my tongue. "I need you to go to work on me with your fingers and your tongue,!" you gasp. You push your bottom back on my penetrating and pushing fingers and Lizard-Tongue. "I need it, I need it,!" you cry just about sucking me inside your hot bottom. We go on like this until your bum is completely clean. I wipe it with a moist tissue - just for love and respect for your hot hole - the very centre of my world. You look round rather flushed, your eyes wide open with lust but so satisfied because - as you said some time ago, "Darling thank you so much, I came in my arse!"
scatlover13 scatlover13
51-55, M
Jun 7, 2011