From A Submissive Male

Experienced, devoted to service, devoted to detail, devoted to pampering its Owner/s, and enjoys being allowed the privilege to take the initiative to please its Owner/s without Their having to realize They need or want something.

Making Your toilet clean enough to drink from, and Your floors clean enough to eat off of is to be expected. Accomplished with laundry, cleaning and shining shoes/boots, serving as a waiter, a gofer; no order too mundane, no order too insignificant as long as it serves You.

The dirty clothes You throw on the floor, and Your muddy shoes magically appear clean and ready for You to wear in Your closet. The towel You dropped on the floor, wet, after Your bath, the puddle of water on the floor, the spit You leave in the sink from brushing Your teeth, the toilet You don’t need to bother flushing, the used Kleenex thrown on the floor, are all taken care of by Your houseboy.

Also provides personal services such as massages, pedicures, reflexology, has foot fetish and desires Owner/s that enjoy oral worship of Their feet. Also enjoys objectification and dehumanization, private humiliation, well defined class differentiation, and needs set rituals. Very Private, Very Discreet and Very Willing. Not a cross dresser but will comply if absolutely required. ... If You require a pain ****, please keep looking...
Who knows what the future may hold…
houseboyslave houseboyslave
46-50, M
May 10, 2012