How I became a cuckold sugardaddy.

I'm a successful 60ish businessman.  My wife retired from sex play a few years ago and I've been getting hornier and more more frustrated.  I read an article that college girls were getting sugardaddys to pay for expences while they are in school.  Kind of a well paid part time job with benefits.  I didn't think about it again until I was browsing Craiglist for some bottom *** to suck me off and relieve the pressure.  Then I saw the add "College cutie wants a sugardaddy w4m 19"  I answered the ad and waited. I thought that with my luck some frumpy little nerd in glasses would respond.  She answered me and was stunned when your photo.. Those bright red lips, beautiful sexy eyes and gorgeous hair.  My **** sprang to attention.  I couldn't believe she wanted to meet me.  We exchanged emails and finally I had an appointment to meet her at a nice hotel in the next town.  She was interviewing several prospects.  The winner's first duty would be to pay the hotel bill. 

I was going to be her first interview at 3:00 pm Saturday.  She opened the door and I couldn't believe my eyes she was more beautiful than her photos.  She put me at ease and then started the interview.  She asked me all sorts of finacial questions to make certain that I was wealthy enough.  She even asked me questions about my credit report.  Finally she stood up and smiled.  "You passed the first test.  Now let's see your other assets.  Drop your pants."  "Don't I get to see your assets?"  "Only if you are still in the running."  What could I say?  I stood up and dropped my pants.  I wasn't hard because I was so nervous standing in front of such a hot babe. 

"Haha!  Such a cute little wee wee.  Let's see if I can make it grow."  She got down on her knees and started giving me a glorious *******.  I look down at you on you knees sucking my ****.  Her bright red lipstick is leaving marks on it. She looks up at me and smiles.  "Mmmm much better.  Let's see how long you can last."  She goes back to on me.  Her tongue is amazing!  And, her suction is superb.  I reach down to run my fingers through her luscious mane. OH! MY! GOD!  I can't resist and explode in her mouth.  She captures all my *** in her mouth and stands up.  She grabs my head so I can't move. Her mouth opens and  she shows me my load. She's kissing me.  I try to keep my mouth closed but she slips her tongue betweem my lips.  I'm so turned on that I open up to her.  Suddenly my mouth is full of my own ***.  Oh gross!   She keeps kissing me and I am growing excited again.  She pulls away.  "Swallow baby.  Swallow your *** or you fail twice."  What could I do?  I swallowed.

"You old white men are such wimps. If you could have lasted five minutes you could have ****** me."  She holds up the stopwach on her iphone.  It was stopped at 87 seconds.  "And then you get hard swallowing your own ***. Your **** will never get in my **** now. If you are a good boy and beg, you can hide in the closet and listen to my next interview.  I've got two options.  If one of you guys is a stud who ***** me and makes me ***, then I'm his.  Otherwise I'll keep the wimpiest.  You are so pathetic!  You are easily in the running for winning the race to  the bottom.  Still want to be my sugardaddy?"

"Yes please."  "Not good enough!  I said beg!"  I drop to the floor and kiss her feet.  "Please goddess!  Please!  Let me serve you."

"Okay sissyboy into the closet and don't make a sound or move until I tell you."  I hurry off to the closet wondering what comes next.  Oh God!  She is so hot!To be continued.
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Great story. Thanks for sharing.