Submissive Behavior

After many (many) encounters with all types of men, I found that I am happiest with men of a submissive nature. The one problem that this presents is that most submissives are not aggressive in the sexual arena. Fortunately - I am so I can put that rather annoying trait in my strategy (notice I do not say games, or scenes) and use this to my, and my submissive's, advantage.

Since I am also creative, it is fun to see what particular buttons need to be pushed so that I get mine. Of course, since I practice Loving Dominance, the sub gets what they dominance and eventually....release.

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...which, of course, is why you need to have a "real man" for your sexual enjoyment and a submissive sissy boi as your devoted, loving and supportive hubby.

If I hadn't seen your name, I would have thought that I wrote that. We are a lot alike, as I am into Loving Dominance. I have submissives that approach me and love the thought of me playing with them sexually, yet they yearn for harder dominance.

I have to wear plastic or rubber panties under my pants because a girl made this happen to me right on the dance floor. Now every time I am at a club I cannot get out of there without some girl making me *** in my pants even by just looking at me and winking

haha... I prefer to be submissive outside the bedroom but when it comes to inside all holds are barred. Bolt the doors.

as a submissive sissy i think, Lady Kate, that Your solution to the lack in sexual aggression in many of we sissies is the ideal one.<br />
<br />
Lovely to read about Your loving, Dominating, caring relationship.<br />
May it last as long as You wish it to.

You hit the nail on the head. I had a truly loving and understanding mistress introduce me to my submissive tendencies to women. She was truly wise she was able to read me like a book and knew things about me I had never realized. She explained my needs in away that made sence with out dogging me. She gained complete and total control over me. She could get me to do anything just by asking usually in a sweet purring voice. She would get loud and demanding especially when she had guests to let them know she was putting me through my paces, this in an attempt to humiliate me which I took to immediately. I enjoyed her public control of me in front of her friends.<br />
It took her no time and I mean no time to break me I was hers after our first talk. She had me willing to do anything public or private to prove my devotion. I loved her telling her friends about our mistress slave relationship and have me confirming it I did that willingly and eagerly.<br />
<br />
She made clear the connection between male horniness and his ability to be controlled She did this after allowing me my release, and expained if I wanted to be with her I had to prove I could be just as submissive when the ention ws released. It took some gentle persuasion but she had me there that very first session. After and on the way out she subjected me to more humiliation when another friend came by and she told her of our relationship.... afact I eagerly confirmed much to both of their enjoyment. <br />
She changed my life for the better we eventually had to go our seperate ways I had to return home from Germany and this just wasn't in the cards for us.<br />
These boards have brought back all the fond memories I had of her. I truly did love and adore her.

LadyKate, it sounds to me like you have the perfect system.You both get the emotional satisfaction of being your nature (dominant/submissive) and you both get your physiical release. And isn't it better if the woman **** first? She doesn't go right off to sleep like the man.<br />

hmm you want him to be sexually aggressive with you in bed? that's cool. I always wondered if a Domme could put up with me because I'm sub but I do like to be real aggressive sometimes.

Men will melt in your presence and you will have all you desire. You truly unferstand the power you hold. Ive never seen u but know u r beutifull smart and successfull in life. Wish the world was full of women like you

There are of course wide variations in these types of relationships. Your philosophy very healthy, while other types of relationships would be perceived by even those who come here as sick. I admire your respect of the person which whom you share gratification and reward from mutually reciprocal being. I believe your care an management of relationships with submissive men is a winnning script. Unfortunately many types of scripts we find in Domme/sub and vice versa relationships are losers. So Lady Kate your have won my admiration.

I so envy your sub!

Lady Kate you could make me do what ever you want em to do.

Kate, I think I am falling in love with you! LOL Seriously though, give me more not just that little taste or two paragraphs. <br />

I have a woman with whom I am very submissive--I think. She watches me ********** in front of her, kneeling, and told not to look at her, which I do. She also stands in front of me and allows me to lick her ***. As an added fillip, she has often spread her legs wide and allowed me to lick her, and then commands me to lick her "like a dog," meaning with the flat of my tongue along the length of her *****. So she gets release as I get the satisfaction of being dominated. On the other hand, we often have sessions where I spank her quite hard, call her a *****, and tell her she is naughty for ******* everybody she meets (which is not quite literally true, but true enough), and allowing virtual strangers (which in essence we are to each other) to see her most private parts and to allow others (basically me) to probe her bodily recesses while beating or spanking her until her bottom is red. She loves that, and, because of the way she frequently treats me, my anger and momentary dominance is quite authentic. Don't you think it can work out this way? It does for us...but perhaps only because we see each other, and thus do this, only occasionally, and have no other relationship except for this intensely sexual one (which started, incidentally, solely by web site interactions).