Wanted : Submissive Online Men

I am looking for a online man who is submissive to all that I say.

babyncontrol babyncontrol
26-30, F
60 Responses Oct 24, 2009

Have you found your sub? I would love to see if you're real and try to do whatever it takes to make you happy. Ma'am. I'm Mike

I am a new slave looking to be trained and owned am married wife doesnt know i am 56

I am very submissive and at your service

Well that definitely sounds like me!

I am at ur serves, I obey, I'm good wi my tongue & my fingers 2make up 4my tiny ****. Pick me & I'll email u pics of my pathetic little ****.

if you will have me i am looking for a mistress to control and absue me ...your whim will be a command
wants to do this thru e mails...will take pics of your commands. I am 56 years old

On my knees, head down.

I hope to be your submissive
ready to obey you in everything

Like having two slaves?


Are you dominant enough?

Good luck, there are many submissive men out here

I am that guy!

May I be that one for Ms Babycontrol. I'll take pictures even

i have of that type of experience

No Way!

I believe You have a million volunteers by now, but they say a new broom sweeps cleaner. At Your whim if needed.

babyncontrol,please may i be your slave,i will obey you ,take any punishment you may give me ,be available to you 24 hours a day i need to be told what to do ,i wont let you down babyncontrol

I definitely fit your bill, will do anything you require, demand or assert. Where are you ba<x>sed? Drop me an e-mail soon!

I'm sure that you will be swamped with subs on here, and I'm another one! Oh for more women like you who want to take control. Control is what it's all about, what you do is entirely up to you.

I am at your order, i have no limits on cam add me lady_boyy82@yahoo.com

love your picture and would be honored to be your online submissive

What would be in it for me if I became your friend

we are lucky to have found you

Would luv to be humiliated and serve, as you desire. Your wish is is my desire, anything goes.

im really submissve if you still have room for a sub im up for it ;)

i will do anything you want just tell me i have no limits add me and see my photos

I am yours everything i am belongs to you my queen

21 year old student here, it's refreshing to see some doms out there. I've yet to find a dom that does everything with an attitude that suggests she doesn't understand how things could be any other way.

I can' t think of anything better than being yur slave. ***** me, tie me up, whip me make me beg for your touch. Women should all take male slaves, me were born to serve and worship you..............Take my body and soul, brand me if u like, use me a your sex toy, share em with yor friends please.............order me to suck your nipples and lick your sweet *****, take pics to humilaite me...........

yes misstress

hi mistress

Happy to be submisive to you on line or otherwise.

I would be happy to be submissive to you ..... I need to obey

how do i apply?

Your wish is my command. I will clean your house, make your bed, cook your breakfast, vacuum your whole house. Also, I wil do your laundry, lick your used panties clean and/or hand wash them. I will also clean your bathroom, taking great care to lick your toilet bowl clean. Nothing is too much for me, my face for your throne and my mouth for your....<br />
So where are you exactly?

I am sissy timmy's owner, MISTRESS HELEN and sissy's and subs excite me!! I am a MISTRESS that likes to **** sissy boys!!...there are still DOM'S out there looking for true submissive's!!

Hi I am new but very willing to learn I have. Been working on the positions I wear a cage so I do not play and it only comes off when I shower

I would love to be your online submissive male!

i would love to be your submissive

I'm a submissive guy but I'm not sissy or walk talk or act like a female. I'm masculine and love to submit to a male or female. I have limits also. Such as: I will not wear women's clothing. Other than that I game for just about anything.

Hi i am a virgin male sub and i wouldt love to serve you ma'am

hi i am a submissive male virgin hoping to serve you ma'am

Hello babyncontrol. Just joined. I am a virgin submissive, in that I am just exploring the rich world of the Femdomm. I'm muscular, somewhat headstrong, in need of being broken. Are you interested in molding and perfecting an online slave that will bear your brand?

make me your *****

Generous sub wealthy "older" man that wants to please. All I can expect with my small **** is to dream about satisfying women sexually, so I am very happy to satisfy them financially and jerk off to their pix if I am allowed.<br />
R U interested?

servitude is inherent it isn't taught, devotion is demonstrated it isn't bought. the difficult immediately the impossible takes a little longer.

boys (and girls ~nodding to sissy jennifer~), is it really so difficult for you to find someone to serve that you're willing to respond to a post like this?<br />
<br />
IMNAAHO, a one line post like this is more inappropriate -- and should be as ineffective and considered as much as a joke -- as a guy who walks into a room an announces, "I'm looking for a girl to blow me."<br />
<br />
At least the blow job is purely a physical act. To be good, and I mean really good, Domination and submission is so much more than one person doing what the other tells her/him to do. It is a mental connection, a convergence of personalities and styles, of likes and dislikes, of satisfying needs that are so complementary that they blend seamlessly together to become something so much bigger -- and so much more powerful -- than either of the two parts.<br />
<br />
As a submissive, I wouldn't ever consider serving someone who sees D/s as nothing more than "getting someone to do whatever I want." To simplify being Dominant in that way screams of inexperience, lack of depth, and someone with whom I would quickly get bored because S/He lacks the creativity to play on my needs, desires, and fears, and is either unwilling or unable to make the effort to seek someone with whom S/He is compatible. I'm far more valuable property than to settle for a Dom/me who doesn't care about quality (and probably wouldn't recognize an outstanding sub if S/He had a field guide with descriptions and pictures).<br />
<br />
As a Domme, I'd never consider playing with -- let alone collaring -- a submissive who was so0 desperate as to respond to nonsense such as this. I want a submissive who wants to be challenged, to have his/her limits tested, who will bring out My creativity and stir My desires, and who has enough pride in him/herself and skills to reflect well on Me as his/her owner. (Besides, it's no fun at all to humiliate a sub with no sense of self-worth.)<br />
<br />
Please realize, boys and girls, that it is just as important for a submissive to find the Master/Mistress who will bring out the best in you and give you what you need as it is for a Dom/me to seek out the sub that is His/Her perfect complement. Leave it to a Master/Mistress to humiliate you -- don't do it yourself by being so desperate to serve that you kneel in front of anybody who says, "Do what I say!"

I am not a sissy.But I love to obey and be controlled by women.My id is bbmtt11@yahoo.com,bbmtt1@gmail.com

I am on line and am submissive - Even though I am 60 I am ready to be trained - Are you still looking?

wow, you look spectacular. I am a regular masculine guy who happens to like to serve women and men. Obviously that includes being used in a variety of ways by a woman. Hope to hear back from you.

Hi i'm here for you.. please add me then i can serve you...........

Your wish is my command mistress

Mistress, I am a very submissive boy wishing to submit whole heartedly online

Mistress, I am a very submissive boy wishing to submit whole heartedly online

well heres a cute slave for you , iam totally into that and ready for what ever you order me to do, no matter what , when & where.

im a very submissive sissy that would love to follow your command

Sissy just im me on yahoo tonight after 8 ok

submissive slv here for u ready for everything u ask.

can u pls tell me when wil u b online babycontrol
pls put offline message in yahoo akumarp65

This submissive sissy gurl would love to make myself all pretty for you and serve obediently!<br />
<br />
sissy jennifer

Ok well im glad your submissive and yes there are plenty of us women out there who are dom.