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Me too!! I was over at the nursing home where I visit old men to cheer them up! Ibring books to read to them (that is my cover) so when we go to there rooms it looks ok! Well there are 3 old men there in their 90's and they love to have me suck their old *****! These guys have long 9" ***** and balls that hang to their knees but they *** buckets. I swallow the limp **** down my throat and start sucking,and I hold the old ball sac till I feel the balls start to rise up to the base of their **** then I know it is milking time.. I suck till they stop bucking and then I know they are empty.. MMMMM!

Nice ! Where are you ?

MMMMMMMMMMM if you lived in the Denver area I'd be face ******* you right ******* NOW and shooting a nice big hot thick load down your throat. :-)

8====>----, ---, (throb, squirt, squirt)

Message me about you experience doing it.

When, where, can I find you?