Daily Sudoku

I work on a sudoku puzzle or two for about 15 -20 minutes every morning while I am in the bathroom before I take a shower. I have a theory that it helps my brain get going and sometimes i am aware that I am focusing better than other mornings. I think that my brain is kind of like a muscle that I need to exercise to keep it in shape and I hope these puzzles do that.


I like the hard ones because each one forces me to sharpen my skills. Sometimes, I will look at a puzzle for 15 minutes and not find a clue and give up for that day. Then, the next day, I will find a number right off the bat and wonder why I didn't see it yesterday.

I work a puzzle as far as I can go before I start the technique of writing in possibilities. Also I have this side thing I do where I mark the box of the first number of a new puzzle I've started. Also I mark the first block of nine, the first line of nine, the first row of three blocks, and the last number.

When I complete a puzzle, I write the date next to it and sometimes a short note about what is going on in my life, like my plans for work that day or what happened the day before. Someday, somebody may find these books, flip through the pages, and see that they are a kind of diary. Most likely though, they will just toss them in the trash.

1blujay 1blujay
46-50, M
Feb 14, 2010