She's At It Again!

Wildernessgirl went out today and came back with two summer dresses (and a haircut). Not to mention a host of other things.

The summer dresses are very cute. I don't know how to describe them... but once again I get the pleasure of having WG around in a summer dress. Lovely, easy access to bare shoulders and arms. What am I going to do when it's Winter? I think I'll have to develop an affection for scarves, because she is very fond of them.

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14 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Hmmm...not bad...I like it at $25...not bad....not bad at all.<br />
<br />
See, WG...Roj says it's pretty good that you can buy. Go shopping!!! ;)

It was a gentle joke with WG. I am sure that $1000 dresses are very nice but it is getting a bit out of our price range! She got some the other day for $25 which I reckon is pretty good.<br />
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Currently $1 buys $0.93 Canadian so they're pretty close.

That's how much they cost??? !!! I have to check the exchange rate you have...

Only if they are dramatically reduced...<br />
<br />
ha ha like from $1000 to $200, right???

Ah, now you are talking my language. Sales = must buy! I like it :)

OK Sylph and tOs. My understanding of that sort of English is a little lacking - rather like my understanding of Polish and French. At least summer dresses are on special at this time of year!

Don't pressure me, Roj...the more I think about what story to write about IBBS Day, the more the mind experiences brain f**t...LOL<br />
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But yes, you did say you like her wearing those dresses...and she can't possibly wear the same ones all the yeah, that is equivalent to saying WG can go's all plain English really, Roj.....LOL ;)

Did I really say that???? I'm just hanging out for International Bare Back and Shoulders day...

Yes, WG...go shopping again...Roj said it's okay...go... ;)

Well I was just thinking it would be uncomfortable in her mouth.<br />
<br />
It's not so much the bringing home but the wearing that I like!

lol. I didn't know you were into scaling Roj!<br />
<br />
Oh goodie, I like it when you like me bringing home new dresses :)

Trout.<br />
Thanks, but I'm good.

I like your Summer fish too Lilt. Has it been scaled, or are you looking for someone to clean it?

I'm sure Wildernessgirl is very pretty in her summer dresses. And she will surely be pleased to know her husband notices.