20 Yrs Ago I Had H G.

Finally something has been reported on the news about Princess Kate and her suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (H G). This very personal condition is something that I faced 20 yrs ago with both of our children. They are currently
20 yrs old and 17yrs old. Thankfully they are both healthy today. I was hospitalized 3 times during my first pregnancy. I was given I V's and thorazine.
The first doctor I went to had no knowledge about this condition. She told me to basically "tough" it out. (acupuncture, vitamin B6, meditation ect..) Thankfully my second doctor made the diagnosis. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I want to tell all of you out there, that are currently suffering with H G, that I wanted to die, at times during my pregnancies. I fought HARD to have my babies, and you can too. I wish 20 yrs ago that I could have talked to someone who really understood this condition. Back then there was no support groups for H G. Thankfully I had a doctor who helped me, otherwise there is no way I would have had my second child. They were many times that my family had to argue with the health care field about this condition. I was made to feel weak and that this condition was "all in my own head". I can assure you, that 20yrs later I have never forgotten having hyperemisis. I understand this medical condition and have empathy toward anyone who has to go through this.
carolnelson carolnelson
Dec 4, 2012