Im Wearing My Glasses??? Ooops My Bad.

I wear sunglasses everywhere I go. I often forget that Im wearing them altogether. My mom has asked if I'm on "those drugs." My dad has asked if I'm hungover. My friends have asked me what color my eyes are. My little brother once asked me if I was a secret agent. I've even been asked if I'm famous. I also recall the one time my grandma asked me if I worshipped Satan... oh my GOD. Every time I respond by saying something like: "Hmmm, no I just like wearing glasses, gosh." People dont seem to understand that it doesnt necessarily have to be sunny to wear sunglasses. It can be a little rainy or cloudy and I'll still be sporting my sunglasses. I've been spotted wearing my glasses from the crack of dawn up until the second before the sun sets.
I went off on a random lady in line at Costco who told me to take my glasses off. Her comment was completely unwarranted. She tapped me on the shoulder and said "You're indoors, you should take those darned glasses off." I thought she was kidding at first. After a moment I realized she was serious, so I just snapped and said something along the lines of "I'll take my glasses off when you learn to mind your own ******* business, take that hideous sweater off an burn it and learn to brush your teeth before going out in public." She just stood there a pretended she forgot something because as she left the line she asked her daughter if she grabbed "the stuff on the bottom of the list." I felt rather bad and almost regretted it but then I remembered that sunglasses are like my favorite to wear.
landonite landonite
Jan 17, 2012