I Like Sunglasses, But Also...

I like sunglasses, but also have two big problems with them.

1. I can never find ones that look good on me, fit my face, or don't make me look like I want to rob a bank or be a state trooper.

2. Whenever you buy a nice expensive pair, you always lose them or sit on them.  That is why I only buy mine at the dollar store, then I never lose them or sit on them, funny how that works.

institches1981 institches1981
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1 Response Jul 24, 2008

There is some of us that attract that kind of energy or maybe we put it into the ob<x>jects... similar with me and it des stop you from paying ots of money for a designer pair os shades when the cheapo ones were deisgned to do the same, weid that they are seperated by price and the label 'designer' ....<br />
i am curious now to know is it just glasses for you? i have done strange things to eg...i did short out a petrol pump, that was before i knew i could LOL this is true... i go thro toasters, kettles and stuff like that a lot but have also learned to fix them now... is intermittent tho <br />
sunglasses, do you think they choose the owner? rather than other way around...? may your eyes never be over-exposed to the sunshine but always way-cool behind the shades ;) <br />