A wardrobe necessity of the fascist fashionista

Who desires to exude the mystique of the Glamorous

An indispensable item of the adventurer in the Alps

Who tenaciously wanes the debilitating wielder’s flash

A distinguishable article of the visually impaired

Who shields the discomfort of the seeing of their non-seeing eyes

A savior of time in the morning of the snooze button addict

Who don sans makeup

Perhaps I am not persecuted by the paparazzi

 As I am not part of the Glitterati

Nor imprudently stare at the midday sun

 In dread of damaging delicate cornea

 Yet I covet the cover of sunglasses

For all the reasons stated above and

Shield from the scrutiny of sycophants

umathena umathena
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 20, 2007

I just want a specific pair of sunglasses that I have not been able to locate in this city. Strange how there are the ones I want but a different shape. What is up with that?

i must admit ... i love my sunners and i love my spectacles as well. i have fairly sensitive eyes so the sunners are rather necessary outdoors. the specs are only necessary for reading. but they give me a look that i just love ... something of an astute person ... lol

LOL. Astute comment there.