Each Moment Is a Gift

woke up to blazing sunshine and birdsong, at last a promise of summer. Although I could recognize the peace present I felt negative and down. The closed and emotional distant state is difficult on my family because they know that I am low in energy and quiet. I don't want my mood to affect them so I try to carry on as normal as possible and refuse to burst into tears which were very near the surface. My lovely Rosie, my canine friend and Mr Jones my feline friend, were sensitive to my quiet mood and stayed close all day with lots of displays of affection. They pulled me through as did the patience of my family. Fast forward 10 hours and here I am getting ready for sleep and I remind myself how very blessed I am to have so much love in my life. Even though everything is far from perfect and there is plenty to still learn, plenty to unblock and improve, I am fortunate to be loved and to feel love. Once again I remember I am physical, emotional, and spiritual and I thank creation I have freewill. To feel all that I feel, the negative and the positive, my feeling connects me to the rhythms of life and to all my ages.

earthperson earthperson
46-50, F
Mar 14, 2009