Addicted To Surveys

Last year I bought my first laptop, well netbook actually. And during this time I did a lot of searching on the internet for the constructive things like looking for a job, sending applications that kind of thing and still am now - to be exact. But ever since I found out about surveys on line I have not stopped doing them. When I first started, most of them were the one's to gain points towards either vouchers or gifts and I registered with approximately 5. And now I can officially say that I belong to 12 different on line survey companies and most of those more recent ones are for cash. I've started to become obsessed at looking at my e mail in boxes to see if any more have arrived. And ironically, as far as content goes most of the one's that I receive don't always have particularly interesting or exciting topics, (and you don't always have the correct responses for the criteria which is needed) but for some strange reason that never stops me from seeking new one's all the time. Maybe my new user name should be 'Survey Nerd'. :D
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hhmmmm inneresting...

Be careful, those surveys companies make you pay out your pocket first, before you redeem your reward.