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11 layer Story Of My Life

11 layer Story
yer One: On The Outside
Name: Floydess

Birthday: 8th June.
Current Location: My bedroom.

Eye Color: Hazel/olive. Been told so many colours – even blue before….

Hair Color: Dark brown.

Righty or Lefty: A bothy.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini. =] [=

Layer Two: On The Inside
Your Heritage: French and Netherland. I think.

Your Fears: Snakes, spiders, bugs/insects,

Your Weakness: Pizza, Kahn Morbee, Neil Pauw, an Atif Aslam song, fighter aircrafts, Truttul and FreeFallWall’s eyes… uhm… I don’t know more.

Goal: Get into the art school.

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: “Close the curtains.”
Your bedtime: During holidays, 00:00 – 01:00….

Your most missed memory:* thinks* Mmm….

Layer Four: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: I don’t drink either.

McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's salad or Oreo McFlurry. =D
Single or Group dates:*shrugs*

Adidas or Nike: Nike, just do it. ;)

Lipton Tea or Nestea: Lipton lemon ice-tea. =]

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate! ♥

Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino. =)

Layer Five: Do You?
Smoke: Naheen. Even too much second hand smoke makes the asthma come back. =/

Have a crush: Mmm, ja, perhaps. Or, no, not really. Lol, maybe. I don’t know. =]

Think you've been in love: Depends what’s your definition of, “in love.”

Want to get married: Nope.

Believe in yourself: “I may not believe in myself, but I believe in what I'm doing.” ~ Jimmy Page.

Think you're a health freak: Not at all. =P

layer Six: This Passed Month
Drank alcohol: Nope. =]

Gone to the mall: Terrible time. =(

Eaten Sushi: Haan! For the first time! =D
Gone skating: Naheen, but I want to. =]

Dyed your hair: Lol. Yes. =P
layer Seven: Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: Uhm, nope. =/

Gotten beaten up: Nope. =]

Changed who you were to fit in: I don’t think so….

Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age your hoping to be married: I don’t want to….

Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: Anything. They’ll bring the beauty to it. =]

Best Hair Color: Preferably, dark, maybe? I don’t know. =)

Short or Long Hair: Not hippy long. =/ A length that suits them.

Layer Ten: What Were You Doing....
1 MINUTE AGO: Answering the survey.

1 HOUR AGO: Talking to bublina (?).

1 DAY AGO: Covering writing books for school and getting stuck in my jacket because the zip broke. -_- *mutters* “Stupid zip… bulbula and bublina, just laugh… meh.”

1 YEAR AGO: Trying to get tough things.

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence
I LOVE: music….

I FEEL: the wind of the fan passing me by.

I HATE: *shrugs* Bugs? Spiders? Snakes?

I HIDE: myself.

I MISS: who he use to be.

I NEED: to finish those sketches now. =/
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 16 Responses Jan 10, 2011

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So glad! =] Lol, you're welcome. No, go find out that they're untrue. =P

*smiles* I see :) Thank you for telling me all these little true facts about yourself :)

Or is there?

that would imply there is something to expose. . . o.O

*giggle-giggle* What I said. =]

O.o what's that supposed to mean?

Oh, no, do go on. you might expose me one day. =P

coming up with reasons for you to make all this up? - well you could actually be an old lady in brazil who just wants to trick noble theologian. . . or you could be writing all of this on the whiles of your fancy - caring nothing for truth or false hood. Floydess could be a fictional character you want to write about and your developing character for her . . . or you could be imparting something in code - and each thing you say actually means something else. :) that enough?

*evil giggles* Get started then. ;)

ok - I can think of several reasons why you would. . . :P *mutters*

*smirks* Yes... why would I? *grins an evil grin*

little bits and pieces or so I assume - you COULD be making all this up. . . but why would you?

You're reading my life, hu?

to make you uncomfortable - and because I'm not sure what else to say :P - and because that is what I'm doing when I read your life *smiles*

That stupid "L" in the title won't change to an uppercase letter. -_-<br />
<br />
What? Why do you always smile and not say why???