Are you a girl or a guy?

Will you leave the house without make up?
-depends ...

Do you wear shoes that are uncomfortable because they are cute?
- i had to =/ but sometimes id try with high heels...didn end up well heh

Do you have more than 5 ''deep'' friends?
-depends what u mean by ''deep'',like being too close to talk bout serious things...hmm maybe..

Do you own big sunglasses?
-*shakes head*no

Have you ever read a book more than 4 times because you loved it soooo much?
-of course !

Are you listening to music now?
-yeah listening to a song called ''sonu nigam''?ive no idea what it sais though

Do you love chocolate?
-yes n no

Would you be happy if you got flowers?
-i love flowers :)

Are your friends cool?
-my ep friends are

Have you ever changed for a guy?
-hmmm*thinks*yeah i did..

Do you sing in the shower?
-depends from my mood heh

Do you own a cellphone?
-yes!i always carry it with me

Do you like coca cola?

Do books with bright covers draw your eye?
-i guess but i love to look at books

Do you carry bubble gum with you all the time?

Are you a fan of cute stickers?
-uh huh,hearts,flowers,tweety etc etc :)

Did you like this survey?
it was okay,heh
amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
12 Responses Jan 22, 2011

ok have a nice day

Iam new in this club i saw your answeres and i feel u have a good heart...

Iam new in this club i saw your answeres and i feel u have a good heart...

oh idk that book...ambiguous means...*will find out tomorrow*<br />
<br />
give them the link to ur story SM

read a book more than 4 times! wow... I *think* I might have, but only one book: Austin's Emma. Other than than, 2 or three reads seems to do me.<br />
<br />
I love it that you're so ambiguous on a lot of these answers :) I know that feeling - depends on the situation, your mood, who you're with etc, etc.



heh nice answers amelle *smiles*oh come on i ll give u a sticker with a heart :D



hey ,nice SOL , did i understand well the question bout ''deep'' friends?heh thanks for sharing too:)<br />
<br />
good SM*:)