What's Up Humans?

What's you're biggest fear unrelated to death?:  Not having a positive impact on the world in my lifetime.

What is the most humane thing you ever done?:  Given the last of my money to a homeless man

What is your musical anthem?:  All these Things That I Have Done- The Killers

How Do you want to be remembered?:  That I was a human that loved indiscriminately despite lacking faith in a deity.

Where do you picture yourself 50 years from now?:  In the ground

If there were nothing stopping you, how would you help the world?:  I would be elected president

What is your reoccurring nightmare?:  My loved ones turning into zombies

What is your dream come true?:  My children

What do you admire about yourself (no fluff):  honesty, wit ;)

Aside from relationships, what is your biggest regret?:  Not going to College after high school

Love & compromise or fun & money?:  Love and fun?

Greatest accomplishment (kids don't count)?:  Almost finishing college

Real life hero?:  My Gram Hurlburt

Something you have learned that has changed your life?:  Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results

Greatest personality flaw?:  honesty

If there were no laws, where would your final resting place be?:  Somewhere in the forest

Dream you have given up?:  Being a photographer for National Geographic

Burn out or fade away?:  Burn away?

How many personalities?:  3?

Self medicate or prescriptions?:  Self-I know best

A person that changed your life?:  Josh

For good or for bad?:  good

Describe your dream home:  Small, natural, secluded, porch full of friends

If you could pick a country?:  Ireland (when the war is over)

If you had just one question?:  How did we get here?

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2008

Wow, thanks - that made me smile and feel good about myself.

I copied it to Word and am going to try to answer it honestly - I don't think I'm as good a person as you are. Or maybe my idealistic nature has left me in my dotage? Mox

Great survey - I like it and think you are a great person just reading it.