Really Random Questions Survey From

Whats your name? - Elizabeth
How old are you? - 15
Do you have a phone? - Yes
Female or male? - Female
Do you have a gf/bf? - No
Whats your fav movie? - I don't have one
Do you like twilght or not? - I read the books and saw the movies, but I do not love it
What's your fav color? - Red
Do you like the song If I Had You by Adam Lambert? - Yeah
Order off of E-bay? - Yes
What kind of car do you have? - None
What kind of car do you want? - Black
If you could be any animal what would it be? - Turtle or Cat
Have you ever seen the movie vampires suck? - Yes
What did you think of it? - It was Interesting...
Do you like to read? - Yes
Do you think you are sexy? - I'm sorta pretty
Have you had your first kiss yet? - No
Will the world end in 2012? What do you think? - No, they stopped making the calendar because they went extinct
Whats your fav song? - Love me dead
What is your favorite subject? - Art
Football or basketball? - Basketball
Are your parents married, divorced, or dating? - Married
Whats your fav store? - Hot Topic
Are you mad at LeBron James for leavin the cavs to go play for heat? - I was
Are you a fred head? - No?
Team Edward or Team Jacob? - Necrophilia or Beastphilia
Do you think Edward is sexy? - No
Any pets? - Yes
Do you think Jacob is sexy? - Only his abs
Have you ever seen the video my teacher called me just to say hi by supermac18? - No
Bath or shower? - Shower
Why? - My bath doesn't work
Do you think emos are bad people? - No
I think Eminem is the best rapper ever, do you? - No
Honestly what did you think of this survey? - Bored
Should i make another one? - I don't care
Rynya Rynya
13-15, F
Jun 7, 2012