Can You Go A Whole Year Without...

One day I saw this question on EP Q&A:
http://www.experienceproject .com/question-answer/Can-U-Go-A-Whole-Year-Without-S@x/1445403
So I decided to ask this question as well:
http://www.experienceproject .com/question-answer/Can-U-Go-A-Whole-Year-Without-Internet/1445419

Here the results:
1. Only 30% of interviewed EP members can't go a whole year without sex, while 70% can't go a whole year without Internet.
2. Among the former - 23 people out of 77 - someone mentioned not being able to go without sex for a week. No shorter times were mentioned. Among the latter - 14 people out of 20 - someone said they couldn't go 20 minutes without Internet. Another one said one day.
3. Among those who answered yes to one of the surveys, about half the respondents actually said 'yes, but it sucks / would suck' or disclosed the need for some replacement activity - ************ in the first survey, travels in the second survey.

The conclusion is that 40% can go a year happily without sex, but only 15% can go a year happily without Internet :)
weirdcolor weirdcolor
36-40, M
Dec 10, 2012