I Love Surveys

Question #1: If you could eat anything right now, what would it be and why?
a bowl of Cheerios. Because I love them.

Question #2: What dream/nightmare terrified or disturbed you to core? Be honest.
I had a nightmare that my dad hung himself in the shower and i found him. I was only 10 when I had that nightmare. I was afraid to open the shower curtain for a long time. We had to keep it open.

Question #3: Your invisible. What would be the first thing you do?
hang out in the White Sox locker room

Question #4: Does George Bush deserve all the blame?
I don't care

Question #5: What is your idea of a romantic evening?
A nice sushi dinner, wine, flirting & candle-lit bedtime stories

Question #6: If Vampires truly existed, would you consider becoming one? Why?
yes. I love veins. And biting.

Question #7: Is it true that women find doctors irresistable?
I don't, and I'm a woman, so-no.

Question #8: Your a movie star. Your getting older. Do you get plastic surgery to stay relevant? Why?
no. If I can't get a job in Hollywood, my time is up.

Question #9: What is/are your favorite things about sex? Be honest.
it is great for your heart. In more ways than one.
dollydagger dollydagger
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2007

1. A Big Mac. Yummy.<br />
2. I dreamt that my Grandmother's house was a dark, scary place like a haunted house that you visit on Halloween. I was alone in a vast, cold space and I was looking for my family. I climbed up into the attic and my Grandmother, my dad and my two uncles were sitting at a small card table in the middle of a dim room. The only light was from the lamp that hung low over the table. I was relieved to find them, but they paid me no mind, so into the game. I approached the table and was horrified to see they all had skeleton faces!<br />
3.If I was invisible, I would sneak behind the pharmacy counter and steal all the good pills.<br />
4. Yes.<br />
5. A night in a 5 star hotel with champagne and a cheese tray, watching pay-per-view movies on a big fluffy bed.<br />
6. No, the taste of blood makes me gag.<br />
7. I don't, but apparently doctors find me irresistable. <br />
8. Maybe.<br />
9. My favorite things about sex are ******* and making my man happy.<br />
<br />
Okay, now you do my survey!<br />