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America is survey-happy!  We're always taking surveys, and analyzing the results.  In response to this phenomen I conducted a survey of survey takers and came up with some surprising results.  For example:

95% of respondents said they, "Lied on surveys just to make them more interesting."

A shocking 73% of those questioned admitted they slanted responses in order to increase the chances of having sex with the survey taker.

17% confessed to checking, "None Of The Above" to every answer in the abstract hope of "cheezing somebody off, somewhere."

A heartbreakingly small 3% said they devoted the sum total of their mental powers and moral integrity to the task at hand.

An appalling 22% said, "Manipulating data, no matter how meticulously gathered, so as to misrepresent the truth, is child's play."  (Note:  Subsequent analysis determined that this audience sector was comprised exclusively of statisticians, government bureaucrats, advertising executives, and lawyers.)

An unsurprising 92% revealed that "Getting the attention" was the primary reason for taking surveys. 


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