What Do You...

1 - eat in the morning? Lately nothing

2 - dream at night when you fall asleep? What doesn't happen in real life

3 - imagine for your future? I'm on the fence, or good, or bad, the next days, weeks, months will be capital

4 - imagine for our future? Not something bright

5 - say to your neighbors? Hi (that's mostly all, I don't bond)

6 - bring when you're invited at a friend's? If it's a real friend, my ***, and I hope they do the same when they come home

7 - think there's after death? Nothing

8 - hope from here? I don't know anymore

9 - do when you feel unloved? I hurt in silence

10 - do to express your anger? I swallow it

11 - see by your window? A square, and a church

12 - possess and that is priceless? My life, I was told



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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

There is hope,life after death and if u believe it ur future is bright..i also like surveys