11 layers Of Me

11 layers Of You

layer One: On the Outside

Name: naranja for most EPeeps

Birthday: not saying on EP

Current Location: Romania

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark brown

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Zodiac Sign: guess :p

layer Two: On the Inside

Your Heritage: Romanian and I think some Russian

Your Fears: Death, losing my loved ones, butterflies, most dogs, hypnosis, sex, not ever managing to have sex, never accomplishing some of my important dreams

Your Weakness: I'm not sure what this question refers to, but I guess my anxiety and laziness.

Goal: To have a loving family of my own, be a psychotherapist, growth in all areas of life, get really good at singing, publish a book traditionally, visit my boyfriend, make a huge difference for someone, ...

layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up:

yesterday - woah, I'm sooo dehydrated and I need coffee!

today - loooooooove ...

tomorrow - WHAT TIME IS IT????????? **** commutes and commuting and anything that has to make me stress and pack and go away instead of feelin' cozy at hommmmme :|

Your bedtime: whenever

Your most missed memory: my boyfriend here ...

layer Four: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: neither.

McDonald's or Burger King: I don't think we even have Burger King in this country. Shrug.

Single or Group dates: single ... huh weird way to put it.

Adidas or Nike: whatever feels comfortable.

Lipton Tea or Nestea: who honestly cares which is it if it tastes the same?

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate :)

Cappuccino or Coffee: both are good.

layer Five: Do You?

Smoke: no.

Have a crush: it's a lot more than a crush.

Think you've been in love: no. I don't think I've been in love. I HAVE been in love.

Want to get married: Yes :) Soon, pwease?

Believe in yourself: I have my days :)

Think you're a health freak: no.

layer Six: In the Past Month

Drunk alcohol: yep.

Gone to the mall: yes.

Eaten Sushi: no. I've been vegetarian for years. Though again, I think I once heard sushi can be made without the fish/ The word "sushi" makes me feel funny though.

Gone skating: not in the past month, though I meant to.

Dyed your hair: no


Layer Seven: Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game: well, if it was truth and dare and I was asked to ***** and I did, does that count?

Gotten beaten up: no.

Changed who you were to fit in: no. I don't do fake identities ... yet.

Layer Eight: Getting Old

Age your hoping to be married: 24? 25?!

layer Nine: Perfect Mate

Best Eye Color: his are brown, and I

naranja naranja
26-30, F
Feb 28, 2010