Dual Survival

I've been watching Dual survival &  I think it looks fun..in a grungy way. I don't know if I could eat bugs and kill anything. Naturally I'd die in 2 weeks or less. It's educational .   Anyone want to go out on a long journey and see what you are capable of?     tempting ..Hope I never get in any of these situations. The experiences do look interesting..surprise
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Oh yes..Oz can be a dangerous place to be if you aren't careful .I saw a show they did in Australia..the land was harsh..I don't know where they were filming but it was serious. The crawley creatures were gross..LOl.. Very interesting anyway.

I'm a fan of the "Survivior" series.<br />
<br />
here on Oz there is a saying - we call it camping everyone else calls it Survivior ! <br />
(it's in reference to the snakes / spiders / sharks / jellyfish that can do you in , if a person is not prepared

I just killed some Bar B-Q ribs at The Out Back steak House..now that's how ya do it :>)

Oh yeah. I now know how to start fires in weird ways, make a shelter and which way to "follow" the river. Hell, I may as well move out of my home & live free...cruddy but free. One of the survival experts, Cody, never wears shoes. Not in freezing weather either. Once he wore socks. A week's adventure would be ok ..then back to my comforts. I saw one guy rip a snake's head off with his teeth! AH..barf.