How Far Back Do I Have To Go? Lol....

I am trying to search myself to decide how far back my love for survival shows goes, and really, it goes back to my sense of love of adventure, which means it goes back to my childhood, and all of the children's books, and the like. Winnie the Pooh had adventures, as did the Boxcar Children, the Hardy Boys, etc. Peter Rabbit was always having to escape the hungry jaws of Reddy Fox and Old Man Coyote, but it also was classic adventure stories, like the Swiss Family Robinson. I always admired the characters in these stories and their struggle against Nature, against Beast, against other Man, and, of course, all of it involved a struggle against themselves, to find it within themselves to overcome the challenges they faced.

I love stories of caravans and deserts, oases and palaces, opulent throne rooms, perfumed harem rooms, sweltering heat, marketplaces, traders, orphans living hand to mouth and banding together to take care of each other and survive. 

I love ships, though I am not so good with really deep water, and battles and treasure, pirates, death, survival, escapes, rescue, and even being stranded forever.

I still remember when I saw Greystoke: the Legend of Tarzan, the Lord of the Apes. I went with my friend Rick, my best friend at the time, and his parents (...we got chinese afterward, lol.) I loved the entire first half of the movie, the jungle scenes, and the back-to-our-primal-selves nature of it, one with the earth. He lost his parents, but that made him his own man, to learn the law of the jungle, destined to rise above it, because he had already evolved to not be strictly bound by we all have, at least inherently. What we choose to do with our endowment is what determines our destiny.

I loved the scenes in England, too. The castle and grounds were stunning in their grandeur. The castle Greystoke was solid magnificence in an expanse of green lawn which was very soothing in its manicured perfection, the complete antithesis of the savage jungle. When I was young, I dreamed to be so wealthy that I could live there. Now I'd like to go there on the tourist bus.

One theme that I see developing here is the contrast between rich and poor. Inherent in adventure is survival, but also bettering oneself. Or, I guess, leaving your lofty perch and getting down in the dust, back to your roots. I guess just not being stuck in one place. Moving from being the person you are to someone else, for better or worse, just living life and not staying a cardboard cutout. Be Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, not the cutout figure in the theater lobby. No one remembers the cutout. They remember the action.

Thank goodness we've got Lara Croft, finally, huh? A real, true adventurous female archetype!

I once read a story of a young guy, I think still in his teens, who sailed around the world by himself in a boat. I wish I could remember the name of it, so I could recommend it here. I looked it up, and I think it was, "Dove" - Robin Lee Graham. My Mom worked in a library until just last year, and she really nurtured and encouraged my love of reading. I just don't read anymore. I get online and watch TV. I wish I did read like I used to, but, now, I just fall asleep

Speaking of sleep, I need some. I want to actually get to the part where I talk about survival shows, lol.

BonVie's bon voyage into the realm of dreams begins now.... be continued....

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i do not like the shows but then i have lived in places were other prefered me dead and i live in or thought the wall for 10 days or so at time so the shows to me are just trash it was hared in real life to stay live

I'm sorry that you have had a hard life and lived in dangerous places. I hope you live in a safe place now.

All that stuff I liked to see, read and dream about in my childhood and youth. Robinson Crusoe and Tarzan amd such.

Me too! I bet we read and watched a lot of the same stories!

I read all the James Bond books and I read two Jules Verne books. Oh I read thousands of books during my long life. I'm an old woman ya know...

Thank you, Sweetie! I did! I have it in mind to arrange a weekend solely devoted to riding ATVs and motocross bikes, like 250s. *gushes, does Homer Simpson tongue-lolling-out of the mouth-delirium-gargle.........I dunno...I did my would someone else describe it?*

I hope to put up more as soon as I can...but I am going up north this weekend, where I hope to have some adventures, and will have to wait until I get back...but, believe me, this is a priority on my EP to-do list!

Thank you so much, Pinkypip! I have been making notes and preparations for part two!