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I guess my interest in survival originates from my other hobbies. I like to walk, hike, and bike and sail in woods, mountains and on beaches throughout the north east US.  So it makes sense to add to my skills and survival shows are a reasonable substitute for experiencing the real thing.  In fact, survival skills are generally worthless until at an unexpected moment they become real valuable fast.

You don’t need them till you need them.  But for those of us on the pessimistic side they are a nice addition to your knowledge portfolio and since I am always looking for a good idea or a new twist on an old survival method I watch the shows looking for that one gem I missed while reading one of the 10 survival books on my shelf.  I have picked up a few things over the years and even done a little research on some actual survival situations.   It turns out that, you can generally do without anything for a day or so, so the most important thing is to be found fast.  Signal aids like a flashlight, mirrors, flairs, and smoke signals that will make you more visible and aid searchers are critical.   If you’re not found within a few days then water, shelter and food become important in that order.    I have noticed one peculiar thing.  Despite all of the store bought and homemade survival kits I’ve seen, I can’t recall a single case where the survivors had one with them.   So, using some backwards logic, it looks like if you carry your survival kit on your outdoor adventures you won’t need it.  Which is, just another way of saying, that those who are prepared are just less likely to get into a survival situation.   So I watch the shows, learn what I can, carry a survival kit on most outdoor trips, and so far I have never had to open it.

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Failure to be prepared ... is preparing to fail... is that right?

I agree but I would not want to put too fine a point on it. There are many great adventures that would not have happened if the explorer actually knew what he was getting into. Columbus thought he would be back in a month or so and many business men have said that they never would have opened a business if they had known how hard it would be.

Father Goose