Nat Geo Survival Skills

A few days ago I finished reading the National Geographic Complete Survival Manual. It is a good book and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in survival in the wilderness or in an urban emergency.   I liked the way it was organized by region with different chapters on artic, tundra, woodland and so on.  I may never visit many of the places described but I gave me a great sense of what it takes to survive and travel in each of the major geographic regions of Earth.  Each chapter had a page or two on critical survival needs like shelter, how to find water and food and making fire in the region covered.   I enjoyed comparing the different fire making skills between the mountains and places like the Amazon rain forest.      At times I felt like I was in the tundra or some other far off place looking for water and engaged in a fight for survival.  The book also contains lists to make first aid and survival kits appropriate to each region.   So if you are prepping for an adventurous expedition or just interested in geography you should get a copy, find a warm campfire, pick a region, and read about survival before fate and Mother Nature test your skills.
FatherGoose9 FatherGoose9
51-55, M
Feb 2, 2013