Some Of My Favorites

Some of my favorite trips are the ones where I have pointed the car in no particular direction and just headed down what ever back road looked interesting. I have found myself hours away from home and seen more than if Itook the highway. American back roads are great fun.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Some of the most fun my wife and I had when dating was driving from Chattanooga in our Karmin Ghia convertible to no where. Some times the roads just ended. Some times you ended up in a town time forgot.<br />
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Once one late evening just after dark hours northeast of town, we stopped to try to read the map with the car's little 6 volt battery interior light when we heard horse start to walk by us. No said anything as they passed. A few minutes later we drove on into the little town and the same horseriders were at the A&W drive-in ordering food from atop their horses.

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Funny you mention Austin. We rarely took the main roads from Houston to Austin. So many great places to see, esp in your neck of the woods. Happy travels.

Yes, I love back roads! You'll be surprised at some of the places you might discover so close to home, that you thought were never there. I went up to Austin this past weekend and took some back roads out in the country. Amazing scenery!