Ryan's First Enema

I will admit to embelishing this story, "Ryan's First Enema", written by someone else but a much shorter story.  I made it more personalized for me.  I am in the processof writing more stories about the Ryan/Tim relationship, and will post them here after editing.  Also, please do not be too critical of my editing.

Episode 1

Ryan didn't feel good. His stomach was hurting badly. The last time that he could remember that it hurt this bad was years ago before his mother had left. As far as he was concerned, she had abandoned the family when he was 5 and it was up to him and his Dad to raise him. His Dad had enough problems without adding this to it. Ryan was 15 now and he just knew that he could handle everything by himself. Tim, Ryan’s best friend was coming down the hall towards Ryan; and asked him what his problem was.  Ryan explained a bit but did not go into great detail because he was in such pain.  Ryan decided to ask the school nurse if she could help his situation.

Mrs. Folger, the nurse, took his temperature and his blood pressure. Those were all in the normal range. She asked him when he had pooped last and Ryan couldn't remember. Mrs. Folger began to decide that he needed a laxative or an enema. Ryan had never had an enema. He had had a laxative once in a while and he didn't like it. He asked her what an enema was. She explained that he would get undressed and lay on a table and she would fill up a bag with warm water and insert the nozzle in his butt and let the water flow in. Once all of the water was inside he would hold it for a while. Soon, it would come out along with his entire poop and when it was all done he would feel lots better.

Ryan could see that he was going to have to get undressed in front of her and she would see his butt and his ****. This was upsetting him. He asked if his Dad could do it and she told him that he could. This was better for her. She wasn't supposed to do these things without either an order from the doctor or a note from a parent. Mrs. Folger gave Ryan a slip so that he could go home because he wasn't feeling well.
Ryan’s mom had a lesbian affair with Tim’s mom and they both decided on a divorce.   Ryan’s mom divorced his dad, Bruce and Tim’s mom divorced Dale, Tim’s dad.  They moved out of the city and had no contact with their sons for the last 5 years; although they saw to it that the ex-husbands kept up the alimony payments.  Ryan had no mother figure to turn to.  His dad had been both father and mother to Ryan for the last 5 years.
When Ryan got home, he called his Dad and told him what the school nurse had said. Bruce had never given an enema; but, remembered some that his mother had given him. He really wanted someone else to give Ryan this enema. But Ryan had explained that he didn't want a woman to give it to him. And besides, he hadn't done anything close with his son in quite a while. He was working a lot and his son was in school and in after school activities. They hadn't even gone to a movie together in months. It seemed like this was a good of a way to renew his relationship with his son, and after all, his son was asking for his help.
On the way home Bruce stopped at the drug store and bought a douche/enema kit. His enemas had always been when he was small and his mother took him over her lap. Ryan was a lot bigger than he was the last time that he had an enema (twelve years ago), but he would try it.

When he got home Ryan greeted him at the door. They hugged each other and kissed. This was their normal greeting, but Ryan seemed a bit more sincere today. Bruce noticed that Ryan was kind of doubled up from the discomfort. Bruce asked him about the discomfort. Ryan told him that it hurt bad. They decided to get started. Bruce told Ryan to go and get undressed.

When Ryan returned, totally naked, Bruce realized that he hadn't seem his son naked for a while. Ryan had grown - all over. Bruce was taking in the beautiful body of a handsome 15 year old.  He was proud of Ryan’s body just as Ryan was.  Bruce unpackaged the enema kit and filled the bag with warm water and then hung it on the curtain rod. He opened the clamp and let the air and a little water run out. He sat on the edge of the tub and told Ryan to lie over his lap. Ryan got very red in the face and asked Bruce to get undressed, too. He thought that it would make him more comfortable. It had been a lot of years since Ryan had seen his Dad naked. At this point in his life with all of the growing that he had done, he wanted to compare himself against his source for manhood.  Bruce went into his bedroom and got undressed and returned to the bathroom.  After all, Bruce helped make Ryan and felt he should share whatever he had that Ryan wanted.

Ryan lay down over his Dad's lap. Bruce gently rubbed his hands over Ryan's back and then down over his buns and his legs. He felt in his boy’s butt crack and found the target. He got some KY jelly on his finger and started working the lube into the hole and around it. Once his finger was in there a bit he could feel the poop all piled up in there. As soon as his finger entered his boys butt he could feel his boy tense up. But as he massaged the area, Ryan started relaxing. His other hand kept rubbing and massaging Ryan's back, his butt and his legs. He took his finger out of his boy and put the enema nozzle into his son's butt.

As the warm water started flowing into his butt Ryan started tensing a little. Bruce kept massaging him and trying to relax him. He looked up at the enema bag and it was about a quarter gone. Ryan's butt was moving around on his lap and Ryan was moaning. Bruce was encouraging him, telling him that he was doing fine. Then Bruce suddenly realized that his son had a hard-on and it was sticking down between his legs. He hadn't expected this!

The bag was about half empty. Ryan was protesting now that he was too full. Bruce took out the nozzle, but he knew that the water had to stay in for a while in order to do any good. Bruce kept massaging his son and he applied some pressure to his butthole. Ryan wanted to get up but Bruce kept him across his lap and kept encouraging him to hold it in. Bruce wasn't sure about what to do about his son's hard-on.
Bruce finally had Ryan stand up. Bruce kept his finger in his boy's butt to keep the water in. He had Ryan swing around and sit on the toilet. As soon as Bruce pulled out his finger a big load of his son's dirty water came noisily rushing out into the toilet. Ryan's **** was standing right up straight. Bruce could see that Ryan wanted to stroke it but he was embarrassed to do that in front of his Dad.  Bruce could feel a faint arousal in his own groin as he looked at Ryan’s hard-on.

Ryan grabbed some toilet paper and started to wipe his butt. Bruce took the paper and had Ryan stand up  while he wiped his boy's butt crack. He asked Ryan if he felt better and Ryan said that he did. Ryan put his arms around his Dad and hugged him. Then he asked Bruce if he could give him an enema. Bruce started to say 'no', and then Ryan pointed out that Bruce always taught that turnabout was fair play. Bruce finally agreed. Bruce felt obligated to comply with Ryan’s wishes as well as being a bit curious of what his son had in mind.  Bruce was wishing that his half-hard **** would go away.  It didn’t.  He walked back to the bathroom with his **** dangling in front of him for Ryan to see.  Ryan was surprised to see his dad with a half-hard **** and enjoyed being naked together.

Ryan refilled the enema bag and then he sat down on the edge of the tub. He had his dad lay down across his knees. Ryan started massaging his dad like he had felt his dad doing to him. Soon he was lubricating his Dad's butthole and putting his finger inside for some good lubrication. Then he removed his finger and inserted the nozzle. He undid the clamp and started the flow of water into his Dad. He kept rubbing his Dad while the water flowed in. Because his Dad had been empty, he took the whole bagful of water. Ryan helped his Dad hold it in, just like his Dad had done to him. Then he helped Bruce over onto the toilet.

It was then that he noticed that he still had a hard-on, and so did his Dad. He had to admit that it was a bit exciting and sexually arousing.  Suddenly he realized that he had to poop some more. There was still some in there to come out. They only had the one toilet and his Dad was using it. Suddenly, he sat down on his Dad's lap facing his Dad and he pushed his Dad's legs apart so that his butthole had a clear shot into the toilet. Just as he wrapped his arms around his dad he released his load through the space between his Dad's legs and into the toilet. Just then his Dad let out some more of the enema into the toilet. As he did this he relaxed and he started *******. Unfortunately, when Ryan pushed his dad’s legs apart Bruce’s **** came up from pointing down into the toilet.  He pissed on himself and Ryan who also had to ****, and the noise of his Dad ******* made him ****, too. Ryan still had a hard on and his **** was pointing straight up so the stream of **** went all over his Dad and then into the toilet.  In fact, they both pissed on each other.  Ryan was sitting astraddle his Dad’s legs with his hard **** rubbing against his Dad’s hard ****.  Ryan liked the feel of his Dad’s **** against his and Bruce sort of liked feeling Ryan’s hard **** against his stomach.  Bruce tightened his arms around Ryan and held him close for a couple of minutes.  Ryan did not object a bit.

Ryan pressed forward toward his dad and snuggled his head near his Dad’s neck and put his arms around Bruce.  Bruce asked Ryan how he was feeling.  Ryan replied that he felt a lot better after the enema.  Bruce patted Ryan’s back and massaged it to help his only son know that things should be better.  Ryan released his hold on Bruce and leaned back a bit so he could look Bruce in the face and then asked if he could kiss Bruce on his lips.  Bruce thought for a minute then said, “Sure”.  Ryan leaned forward a bit and hesitantly their lips touched.  Ryan again put his arms around his Dad as they shared a very passionate open-mouth kiss.  Ryan could not keep from slipping his tongue in Bruce’s mouth very briefly.   Bruce was a bit surprised by this turn of events; but admitted to himself that he enjoyed kissing Ryan.  He smiled at Ryan, then put his hands on each side of Ryan’s head and pulled it back for another short kiss.  This had the not too unexpected effect on Bruce and Ryan; their ***** were harder than concrete.

By then, both guys had both gotten the enema water drained out. They stood up and Dad flushed the toilet. Dad turned on the water in the tub, and they both got in. Bruce helped Ryan to get soaped up and rinsed off and then Ryan washed off his Dad. They both had raging hard-ons and they each tried to ignore them.  Bruce sat down in the tub which gave Ryan a very good view of his Dad with a raging hard **** that matched the one on his own body.  At one point Ryan was on his knees in front of Bruce and leaned forward to scrub his dad’s back. When Bruce leaned forward he accidentally made contact with Ryan’s hard **** and allowed it to penetrate his lips.  Ryan could not believe it; his dad was almost sucking on Ryan’s hard **** if only for a very short time.  They were finished washing each other and got out of the tub and started toweling each other off. And, then it was unavoidable. The soft towel rubbing on their dicks brought each of them to a climax at the same time.  Bruce said something about it being inevitable when taking an enema.  Bruce said that most men will get aroused when taking an enema.  Ryan did not know what to say; but certainly enjoyed the intimate situation with his Dad.

They each went to their own rooms to get dressed. They were so well cleaned out now that they were starved.  For a fifteen year old, Ryan, he thought he had just been through a seemingly impossible and incredible adventure with his dad.  Ryan knew this was a very special thing with his Dad and himself.  He wondered if anyone would believe the story if Ryan told it exactly as it happened.  Then he thought of his best bud, Tim.  Ryan knew he could trust his best buddy Tim with a recap of this adventure.  But he had to wait until the right moment to tell Tim.

Bruce had a prearranged appointment that would keep him tied up most of the day on Saturday.  Although Tim asked what happened about a dozen times, Ryan kept saying he would tell Tim when the moment was right.  Saturday morning was the right moment.  Ryan could not only tell Tim he could give a first person performance if Tim was willing and he was hoping that Tim was.

It was eight AM when Tim’s phone rang and Ryan was ready to spill the beans.  Ryan asked Tim to come over (they lived right next door).  Tim threw on some old pants and shirt and was at Ryan’s in less than three minutes.  Ryan answered the door with only a towel around his mid-section and a tent pole underneath.  Now Ryan was ready to tell Tim the story of his (Ryan’s) first enema.  And tell the story he did and the more he told, the harder his **** got.  Five minutes into the story the towel around his midsection had a big wet spot on it.  Tim could hardly believe the story when Ryan got to the part where Bruce was naked. 

Even before he started the story, Ryan had a full hard-on.  Half way through the story Tim was just as hard as Ryan.  Ryan could see it growing in Tim’s pants.  Now, Ryan could embellish the story a bit to make Tim want to rip his trouser rocket out and jack it off.  They had done it a few times together in the past, so it would be no big surprise to Ryan when Tim stuck his hand in his pants and begin to massage his ****; in fact, he was hopping that Tim would do that, stroke his ****.  As the story unfolded Ryan asked Tim if he wanted to go through a repeat performance.  Tim did not have to say yes, it was expected.  The two boys made their way upstairs to the bathroom and quickly got naked. 

Ryan asked Tim to lie across Ryan’s knees; a request that Tim quickly accepted and aimed his hard **** between Ryan’s legs.  Ryan stroked Tim’s **** as it slipped between Ryan’s legs.  Ryan did just as he had done with his Dad, he massaged Tim’s back and his butt then stuck his well lubed finger in Tim’s butthole.  Ryan made one change from the procedure his dad had done.  Ryan substituted the larger douche nozzle for the much smaller adult enema nozzle and gently put it in place in Tim’s eager ***.  Tim groaned with satisfaction when Ryan inserted the nozzle.  Ryan wanted to reach below Tim and jack his hard **** but stuck to the realities of the story.  Tim took his enema like a man, emptied it and then it was his turn to give Ryan an enema.

Ryan was about to have his insides cleaned out for the second time in three days.  No matter, Ryan was about to get his rocks off and a three day hiatus between those episodes was a long time.  However, Ryan had just jacked off as he woke up this morning but knew he could do it again and again.  This would not have surprised Tim; because he had a morning ritual of stroking himself to ****** every morning before getting out of bed.  Tim knew what to do to follow the story line; but decided to change it slightly to better arouse his best friend and lover.  Tim remembered the time, three years earlier when Tim was 12, when he was so sick that the doctor told Dale to give Tim an enema in bed, and then carry him to the bathroom to empty.

Tim refilled the enema bag and told Ryan to follow him.  They went into Ryan’s bedroom; Tim told Ryan lay across his bed, on his back, while Tim hung the enema from a picture hook on the wall.  Tim lay next to Ryan and used his right hand to massage Ryan’s tummy, **** and balls before inserting the douche nozzle in Ryan’s impatient ***.  Ryan’s **** was leaking large amounts of precum and Tim took advantage of that to lubricate his hand before massaging Ryan’s body. Ryan asked Tim to **** his butt with the nozzle while Ryan played with his **** and jacked off.  All the while Tim lay next to Ryan waiting for Ryan to finish so he could lean his face over in front of Ryan and plant a big wet kiss on Ryan’s lips.  Tim loved to kiss and so did Ryan.  Of course, their tongues came into play when kissing.  By the time they were ready to break the kiss, they were ready to **** more.  Ryan had to go the bathroom to empty his bowels of enema water.  After cleaning themselves in the shower they went back to Ryan’s bed to explore each other’s love.  They quickly wiggled into a 69 position and spent the next 20 minutes sucking each other’s ****.  Ryan reached his climax first and pulled his **** out of Tim’s mouth so he could *** all over his face.  Then he bent down and licked his *** off Tim’s face.  Naturally, Tim gave Ryan the same treatment.  Then they lie next to each other and fell asleep with their dicks still dripping.

After Tim and Ryan had beaten their meat to satisfaction, Ryan swore to Tim that Bruce had been naked and allowed Ryan to give him an enema and shot his load into a bath towel.  Now, the two buddies began to think up a story where-by Tim could achieve the same adventure in his own home with Dale, his own 34 year old dad.  Tim explained to Ryan that Dale did have an enema kit in the bathroom and that Dale had used it a number of occasions when Tim was constipated.  Tim had a bit more experience than Ryan but now had to cook up a story to get Dale to give him another enema and to get Dale to do it while bring naked.  He was sure that Dale only needed that bit of encouragement to pop his own woodie.  Tim had seen his Dad’s pants tent out a bit when giving Tim an enema, especially the time that Tim was in bed.  Tim was almost sure that his dad had a full size hard **** that time.

Now Tim had to learn to fake being constipated; the only question was, could he get Dale naked without it being so obvious.  Would the same stunt Ryan pulled on Bruce, work with Dale?  Tim tried the embarrassed child thing on his dad and much to his surprise, it worked.  It got his Dad to shuck his clothes.  The experience played out almost exactly like it had done next door three days earlier.  What Tim did not know is that Bruce and Dale, being proud fathers of two good boys, exchanged information about their home lives.  Bruce had filled Dale in on his and Ryan’s enema time.  Dale knew what was coming and willingly went along with Tim. They, also, did not know or suspect that Bruce and Dale had a secret life behind the boy’s backs.  The dads knew that was going to be “outed” in the near future and were a bit afraid of how to let that happen.  They wanted to control the situation and allow the story to unfold slowly.

About 4:30 that afternoon Ryan’s phone rang, a somewhat out of breath Tim reported success.  Now both boys had enjoyed enema sex with their Dads.  Dale walked into the room and told Tim to ask Ryan if he and Bruce would like to join them at a local pizza joint for supper and to celebrate this new turn in their Father-Son relationship.  Thirty minutes later they were chowing down on a large Meat-Lover’ Pizza at Pizza Hut again.  After filling their hollow tummies the boys and retreated to the game room, it wasn’t long before both fathers had to spill the beans and tell the details on what had transpired in their bathrooms and bedrooms.  They were just as close as their sons and each man needed to talk this out with the other man.

Both men were in their late thirties were still young enough to have those sex-needing hormones in their own bodies that caused them to enjoy the enema experience together and with their sons.  Both Dale and Bruce admitted to each other that, not only did they enjoy it, they would not resist if the opportunity were to present itself again.  The more they talked the more they began to admit that they also wanted to go the whole route and enjoy the sexual experience as best they could with two men and two boys participating.  The boys did not know the Dads had shared information but were to find this out next week and in a very direct manner.

The following Saturday the two horny dads and their horny sons were gathered at Bruce and Ryan’s for an outdoor BBQ on the deck.  Bruce had a charcoal fire going and it had to burn for about thirty to forty-five minutes to achieve sufficient heat to cook the meat.  Bruce went in the house and called for Dale to come in and help him with a project.  Before they could get roped into helping; Ryan and Tim excused themselves and went to Ryan’s bedroom.  Bruce looked at Dale and smiled that knowing smile which told Dale the boys were going to get naked again.  Bruce waited until he no longer heard any voices from Ryan’s room then knocked on Ryan’s door.  Ryan squeaked something that was not coherent to Bruce.  Bruce opened the door and saw Tim on top of Ryan, ******* Ryan in the butt.  Bruce quickly closed the door and said, “Excuse me; we will see you boys downstairs in about 30 minutes or so for supper.”  Tim started to pull is **** out of Ryan; but Ryan said to continue.  He figured that they may as well reach a climax because they can’t be in any worse trouble if they did.

In 30 minutes the two boys appeared in the kitchen in front of Bruce.  Bruce apologized for opening Ryan’s door.  Ryan began to stumble out an explanation; but Bruce said that Ryan did not owe him any explanation.  Bruce said that he would never interfere with Ryan’s personal life.  “I believe that the two of you really do love each other; and I will support you with my life.  You have never questioned me about my personal life and I owe you that same courtesy.”  Ryan was unable to answer his Dad.  Tim just stood beside Ryan and didn’t know what to say.  Finally, he asked where his Dad was.  Bruce said that Dale was tending the ribs on the grill.  Tim started to go out to be with his Dad; but Bruce asked him to stay.  Bruce continued talking to the boys and said that both of them had very good looking bodies, and probably were well endowed with good hard dicks and knew how to use them.  Tim got embarrassed and his face turned bright red.  Ryan got brave and said, “Thanks, Dad.”  Bruce said, “Don’t get too cocky, hot pants.  No, come to think of it you didn’t have any pants on at all, did you?  Ryan stumbled with an answer.  Bruce was not aware that his hard **** was tenting his pants; but Ryan was not about to let it slip by him.

Ryan stepped closer to Bruce and told him that he could see Bruce’s **** tenting his pants.  Now, Bruce was embarrassed.  He told Tim that he could give Dale a hand with the grill.  Ryan said, “Dad, you know I love you, don’t you?”  Bruce said that he loved Ryan the same and they should not be embarrassed about sex or their occasional hard dicks.  “Although, with you, that is all the time, isn’t it”?  Ryan tried to object but Bruce stopped him with, “Ryan there is no need to try to talk your way out of being a red blooded, handsome and horny, boy.  You are the apple of my eye and I love you.  I know you and Tim are lovers and I am very happy that you are.  I hope you stay in love with Tim all your life”.  Then Bruce and Ryan hugged each other and Bruce surprised Ryan by squeezing his ****.  All Ryan could say was, “Daaad.”  Then Bruce held Ryan against his body and gave Ryan a kiss that rivaled the ones from Tim.  Ryan thought Bruce was trying to clean his teeth with Bruce’s tongue.  They turned and headed out the door to the Bar-B-Que, only to find Tim and Dale embracing in a tight hug and kiss as well.  Ryan cleared his throat and said. “Excuse us.”  Tim turned and said, “There is no excuse for you, only kidding.”  Dale ran his hand up Tim’s butt crack which surprised Tim.  Bruce walked over to Dale, put his arms around him and gave him a long, passionate kiss.  Ryan and Tim nearly fainted.  They had no idea that their Dads were “butt buddies”, as Ryan called it.

Bruce and Dale turned toward their sons as if to hear their comments.  Ryan looked to Tim then turned back to the two Dads and said, “I think I love you more than ever.  Now, there is no need to hide your love behind our backs.”  Dale agreed and promised the boys they will not hide their love; but that they are not going to get private lessons to learn from.  Bruce changed the subject by asking Dale if the ribs were ready.  Dale told the boys to get the potato salad, cole slaw, bread and drinks from the kitchen and we can eat and don’t forget silverware and plates.  The boys retreated into the house and came back with everything Dale had asked for.   The boys ate like they had not had food all day.  After supper Dale suggested that Bruce and he spend the evening going over the latest contract and allow the boys to spend the night at Bruce’s house.  After going over the contract Bruce could spend the night with Dale.  This sounded great to Bruce because all during supper his **** was straining to get out of his pants.  As Bruce shifted his body in the chair, Ryan looked at his Dad and smiled.  Bruce gave Ryan the finger and Ryan replied, “When?, I’m ready, Dad”.  Bruce did not answer but he knew that day would come.

After supper Bruce went over to Dale’s and Ryan and Tim went inside to watch TV.  When they were sure that Bruce and Dale would not be popping in unexpectedly, Ryan changed the channel to the Adult “channel-on-demand” which was running a gay movie.  The boys got comfortable on the floor, and then got back up to take their clothes off.  They each had a hard on as they lay back down on the floor.  They watched the movie with their eyes while their hands were working up and down on their hard *****.  The movie had an enema scene where one guy gave the other an enema before he ****** him in the butt.  Ryan said that could have been Tim and him the other day.  When the movie was over the boys went to the kitchen for a snack and soda.  They carried the food and drink upstairs to Ryan’s bedroom where they sat on the edge of the bed eating and trying to grab the other boy’s ****.  Tim asked Ryan, “I wonder if our dads are enjoying themselves as much as we are?”  Ryan answered, “I hope so and I think they are.”

Ryan told Tim, “Just think, all this started with me needing an enema.”  Tim asked Ryan if he wanted an enema now.  Ryan declined and leaned over to kiss Tim and play with his ****.  Tim bent down to suck Ryan’s **** and lick his balls.  That was something that Ryan always loved.  Tim took Ryan up to the point of no return and then stopped.  Ryan knew that was his invitation to get Tim on his hands and knee so he could lick Tim’s butthole and play with this **** hanging down between his legs.  Tim always shot his load in Ryan’s hand.  If the enema could be the start of sex like this; Ryan knew that as the boys left home for college, they would be sure to take their enema equipment with them.  Enema sex can be wonderful if the participants know the right way to do it.  The Fosters and Reeds have had good training.
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I read Episode 1 and 3, but would like to read number 2 to see how Ryan and Tim made the transition from 69 to taking turns entering each other's butt for climatic expressions.

Are the ****, *****, ****** really necessary to this kind of story? Some of this censorship actually makes the read much harder trying to GUESS the words that the author really meant, It is not like the audience are preteen children, but adults who aren't offended by the words penis, erection, or anus.

As next door neighbors from age 9 or 10, they just fell into it as they reached puberty and began to experiment.

How did Tim and Ryan decide to have sex? Did they talk about it or did Tim just climb on and push in?

I may do that in future experiences. Right now I have 5 written, they all include enemas, and more.

Please see that Ryan continues to recieve regular enemas. He should be given larger amounts until he finds his limits. He will need some soapsuds enemas. He should take them in different positions in different places. He could have more people give them to him, including a woman which would embarrass him.