I Took My First 1 Gallon Enema

I found myself home and alone for several hours, the room mates were at work. SO I decided to endulge in an enema, well several exactly. And this time I decided to take the largest one I have ever taken, a full 1 gallon of warm water.
I started out lubing my tight little hole with vaseline, as ky washes away too fast. I really got a good glob on my finger and slid around my tight hole and all the way up my tight hole, making sure I was well lubed.
I filled my red 2 quart enema bag with warm water, flushed out all the air and hung it high in the shower. I then filled a 2 quart jug with warm water to have on hand for quick refilling of the bag.
I inserted the white nozzle deep into my tight lubed up hole, I open the clamp slowly to let a trickle of water enter my bowels. It didn't take long for the cramping to start, maybe 1/3 of the 2 quart bag. I decided to release what I had in me by sitting on the toilet. It was an awesome releif. I repeated this 2 more times, each time taking about 1/3 of the bag, getting out of the tub and sitting on the toilet, making sure I released the entire contents.
I then decided it was time for the full 4 quarts. I refilled the enema bag until it was overflowing, hung it high in the shower. I got into the tub on my knees, *** high in the air, lowered my head. I reinserted the nozzle into my tight vasaline lubed *** hole. I was so excited I was ready to *** right then and there. I openned the nozzle and at a trickle i began to fill my bowels. I let it take a full 5 minutes for the first quart to trickle into me. Then I openned the clamp all the way and let the second quart quickly fill me. I then shut the clamp. The cramps were reaally bad, and my belly was feeling quite large and swollen and full. My knees were shaking from the pressure and the quivering of my tight *** hole. I felt I really needed to release but I pressed forward. With the nozzle still in my *** I stood up, and poured the remaining 2 quart jug of water into the enema bag filling it completely. I then openned the clamp all the way and knelt back in my face down *** up position. I was cramping, and moaning. I needed releif but was determined to take it all. I could hear the water rushing through the hose. When the bag was about half empty I shut the water off for about a minute. I wiggle my *** back and forth, rubbed my belly and took short little breaths to help ease the cramping. I could tell my *** hole couldn't hold back the pressure and my **** was ozzing a ton of pre ***. I was ready to burst every where. I then openned the clamp on more time, reached around and pushed my *** cheeks together to help hold it all in. I could hear the water gurgling in my belly and then I heard the last of the water trickle through the hose. I was spasming, squirming and shaking. The pressure inside me was more then I had ever felt. I got up on my knees, saw how swollen and distend my belly was, as if I was pregnant (LOL). I reached behind me, yanked the hose out. I managed to hold it all in for a few seconds, but my tight little *** had been so abused by all of the pressure that I couldn't take it anymore and began to release it all, in huge large, loud streams, water hitting the side of the tub. As water shot out of my *** a few strokes of my **** sent streams of *** shooting from my ****, quickly followed by long stream of ****. And when that was done water was still pouring from my ***. I nearly collapsed in the tub from the intense releif. I certainly plan for a repeat performance. I only wish I had someone to play with.
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Wife and I have open top gallon bag and we do too bags taking the whole gallon each time we love it

bet you felt a little flushed

That's an impressive feat. I have never been able to take more than about three and a quarter quarts. Any advise?

Practice. Be patient. And take a few small cleansing enemas first

Weird, when I do it, it's no where near as much fun. I like the visuals. ;-).

send me a message with an email address and we can go from there ;)

I spend time in PG county and on the eastern shore, but travel easily all over. I would love to share an enema expereince with a girl

where in MD are u? I've really wanted a girl to do enemas with too..i would love to try with u lol. i'm in VA...

I am in Maryland and always looking for fun safe enocunters

I have done what you just described many times. You are now inducted into the elite few that know first hand the joys of the enema.<br />
My method is a bit different, I use a larger nozzle which is about10 inches long by 3/4 inches in diameter. That is attached to a hose that attaches to the shower spigot where the shower head goes. Be sure to check for temperature and pressure of the water before inserting the nozzle in yourself.