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Love Trying New Enema Recipes

I'm new at posting anything on here, but here goes. I used to get a few enemas as a kid from my mom. I'm now 20, F and recently got turned on by them on line while chatting with a guy on line. I've tried different recipes and they are a lot of fun...from plain water to soapy water, to coffee, to tea, ice water. We even tried the master/sub banana enema - - read about it. Quite hot. We have read alot about them and are very careful, including trying a wine enema. It gets you quite drunk, but you should only do that in small quantities. It's been fun and sexy at the same time. Any other "fun" things to try?
rrbee1010 rrbee1010 18-21, F 7 Responses Oct 23, 2011

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I am boring I love my Summer's Eve douche 4 packs and my Water Works douching kit really feels good going and I hang a big rubber bag of warm water solution to douche out my butt very clean and ready for a tampon

I been doing wine love the fast high like to find a woman to share it with have funn

It is nice..sounds fun

doing one now

I want one..I'm jealous. Soon for me

Me too now

You still doing the wine enemas. .love to chat the feeling

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The most tingling and enjoyable enema I ever had was using 2 quarts of warm water with peppermint extract added. Go to the supermarket and buy a bottle of McCormick's peppermint extract it comes in a 1 fluid once bottle and mix that with 2 quarts of warm water in the enema bag. and take the whole thing and hold it as long as possible. it has a nice tingling feeling going in and you get a mild buzz while holding it because of the alcohol content. It even tingles coming out and when you are done you feel all fresh and cleaned out. Believe me you will love it.

I know what you're talking about..I've actually tried this but nit the whole bottle but I will. Yes a very nice tingly feeling. Also have tried a little Bonner's Peppermint soap as part of the cleanout process. Similar type of feeling.

thanks im going to try it

Do you ever expel your enema in your pants? I thnik it's a awsome feeling,and when you're stressed,it's a great stress reliever to just thumb your nose at the world and let go and break a taboo,by messing your pants! If you havent tried it,you should,atleast once! Would you consider being my friend,PLEASE!?!

Why the **** would anyone want to let out their enema in their pants? You will make one hell of a ******* mess. You must be some kind of nutcake ifthats what you like.

You are the close minded nutcase! If you cant say anything nice,dont say anything at all! MORON!!!!

Agree. .every one can have a kinky thought and other s should respect it..don't have to like it.

hey been doing wine enemas sun been holding it a long time about 1.5 liters went to walmarts got to much pressure an had to pullaround back I could not pull down my shorts I was wearing short pant I got out an it came out of my butt ran down my legs had a big puddle got in truck went home done another bottle of wine

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You might try adding a single drop of mint oil to your warm enema. It really helps with odor control and will help the rejuvenation. <br />
Also, I crush some vitamins, fish oil, and other herbs into my enemas.

I've tried the mint oil now. Very nice tingly feeling.

If you REALLY want some bad cramps add a small amount of head and shoulders shampoo, that gives you one hell of a rough ride.

liquid ivory dish detergent is very strong also for a good purging, careful on how much you use...

Not sure ill try that one

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yeah I tried the milk and molasses a while back and didn't get the temperature right. It resulted in a lot of cramping. Love to try it again.

To decrease the cramping get the bag lower, closer to your tummy. If you keep the bag 12-18 inches higher than the point of entry and keep the temp about 105 to 108 degrees F., you won't have any cramps; the enema will take longer. If you look at my album "My Saturday Morning Enema”, please note that it’s important to take a good BM and a good shower enema first. This process increases area in you’re colon for a good enjoyable enema. It’s really best to get cleaned out first (using castile soap) followed by several warm water enemas – THEN go for any implants or then introduction of other substances; it will heighten the experience.

Also, the cleaner you get the higher you can raise the bag – that is, the faster the enema can be without cramping.

thanks. This is by trial and error. Lately I have been taking more time getting a good clean out and you're right, it has been much more enjoyable. But hey, a good cramp now and then isn't all bad....

Hi RRBEE glad you young people are learning enema fun I know what is like enjoying them when young

I'm looking forward to hearing about what others like to do - retain, go for the cramps, or does that depend on your mood. I love it all so far.