Enema In The Closet

Darkness all but enveloped me. The only light this early in the AM came from two LED’s. I The metal clothes rod pressed into the small of my back, held there be the way my wife had tied me so that all the pressure of the bindings affected my penis. Each of the four windings that looped around my lower body and fixed me to the clothes rod started with a loop around the base of my ****. As the ends of these ropes were tightened behind my back, the noose like effect around my **** increased.

Beth’s careful rope work meant my lower abdomen was pinned to the cross bar by a webbing.

While all these loops stretched my sac out and caused my penis to stick straight out, I was not aroused because Beth had started all this with her own version of a penis restraint.

First she pulled an ankle stocking down my shaft, followed immediately by two metal rings each one and three quarter inches in diameter – ordered because that was the exact size that would stay on. Still to limit erection a very narrow nylon pet collar was attached tightly below my scrotum and just above the rings. A second collar was put around my sac and when she pulled it tight my balls were compressed painfully. A third collar was doubled around my penis just below the hood of my penis.

So you will know how tight each of these were the one just below the tip, made peeing almost impossible and when you did it hurt.

I was hooded and gagged as usual. A tightly balled up pair or her panties filled my mouth. A pair of her panties that she had drenched with her love juice as she *********** while I watched bound tightly to a chair, was draped over my head. After carefully positioning it so that the “scented” part was right over my nostrils, she put the panties she had taken off me over hers. All this was held in place by the pantyhose I had worn under my male clothing to work yesterday. Pulled down over my head so the waist band was all the way down my neck, she then wrapped the legs under my chin, then behind my head, then forward and through my mouth. This winding was done three times so that the ball of panties in my mouth and all that over my head was pulled back tightly into my mouth.

Another nylon dog collar was fastened carefully about my neck so that it held the waist band of my pantyhose-hood in place. Slipping it around so the D ring was in the very back, she then took a short rope to attach the neck belt to the upper closet bar. Beth is never careless bondage and never put anything about my neck that might threaten to choke me. Even though the rope attached to my neck was tight, not allowing me to lower my body at all, my body was held up by all the tight rope about my lower tummy. That is I was fixed to the rod and held up.

I wore a typical bondage-enema outfit, which means little to get in the way of the enema and lot above the waist. This AM I had on all three of my yellow bras, each covered in turn by first a cami, then a full slip and then a shortie night gown. With my new size D breast forms and all the layers of underwear, my breasts were immense. They felt even larger because she had bound my padded chest with another webbing of ropes that did absolutely nothing to immobilize me and served only to remind me of all I had on.

Below all this I wore my black cotton garter belt, a real antique, which held up black hose. My black high heel pumps with three inch heels completed my outfit.

Though I could not see it in the darkness, I knew the bloated enema bag was hanging just beyond me to the left, since I had seen Beth hang it on one of the clothes hooks on the back of the closet door.

After kissing me through my layered hood, she reached down to unclamp the hose attached to the flared head enema nozzle up my rear. She giggled when her hand brushed my jutting penis.

She opened the nozzle all the way and I jolted at the sudden rush. Then she dialed back the level of flow and her hand came up to cradle my bound penis. As her hand touched my tender flesh, she cooed, “Enjoy yourself. I hope I don’t fall asleep.”

Another quick kiss came as a taunt.

Now I stand here in the darkness, pinned in place as the water slowly but relentlessly flows in me. Already my tummy is bloating because of the flood, and this fights against all the ropes circling me. It will soon be agony, but I am stuck here.
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May 23, 2012