Nice Surprise

John glanced at the white van that was parked in front of his residence, but was too tired from his trip to really worry about it. Couldn’t be company for him. He opened the door and lugged his suitcases inside. While he stood debating whether to take them to the bedroom and unpack, or just drop them by the door till the morning, his doorbell rang.
Sighing, he opened the door to see a young woman in a freshly starched nurse’s uniform. She smiled at him, her gray eyes twinkling.
“I’m here to give you your treatment,” she announced.
“There must be a mistake,” John said, sort of wishing that this young lady really was there for him. She carried a large bag, and behind her on the porch was some sort of folding table on wheels.
“No mistake, John,” she said with an even broader smile. “A friend of yours arranged this as a welcome home surprise. I’m Sally. May I come in?” John blushed. Linda had made some joking comment about ordering him an enema for his return home, but he hadn’t believed she was serious. Nervously, he let the woman in and helped her move the table to the bathroom. It wouldn’t quite fit inside, so they unfolded it in the hallway outside. The table looked like something a masseuse would use. It’s padded top was waterproofed. Sally took a flannel sheet from her bag and began to spread it out on the table.
“Go undress and put on a robe,” she told John.
When John returned, Sally was in the bathroom, filling up the tub. She’d added scented bath oil, and the fragrance was somehow both manly and sensuous. A chestnut-colored curl had escaped from beneath the white nurse’s cap she wore. It’s unruliness, contrasted against her professional demeanor, made her very alluring. John felt a tingle of arousal, and quickly looked away. He didn’t want to embarrass himself.
“I hope the water’s not too hot,” Sally said. “I want it to relax you while I get the enema ready. Show me where you keep your equipment, then get in.” John obeyed, opening the drawer that housed his collection of bags, tubes and syringes. Sally gave a soft chuckle and it made him blush once more. He quickly disrobed and stepped into the tub.
“Just lie back and soak,” Sally instructed. She pulled the curtain around the tub to give him privacy. He could hear her running water in the sink and moving various pieces of equipment. Boyishly, he wanted to peek around the curtain and watch her. He fought the urge, though. Finally, she shut off the tap and called, “I’m ready when you are.”
John opened the drain, pulled back the curtain, and stood up. Sally was there, ready with his large, fluffy bath towel. She held it in such a way as to preserve his modesty as she dried him, front and back. John trembled when the towel moved against his more private parts, but Sally didn’t seem to notice.
As he turned, John saw the bulging enema bag resting in the sink. She’d attached his favorite nozzle to the coiled tubing. How had she guessed?
“Go lie down on the table, on your tummy,” she told him as she folded the towel and hung it back up.
John did as she asked, wondering if he should tell her that this wasn’t his best position for receiving an enema. He crossed his arms to make a pillow for his head and waited.
Sally warmed some lotion between her palms and began massaging it into his back. John relaxed even more as her expert hands smoothed tight muscles and set his skin tingling. She worked her way down his back, using the heels of her palms to press against the small of his back. She put more lotion on her hands then started at his feet and worked her way up his legs. Finally, she kneaded his buttocks with her slippery hands.
She dug something else out of her bag, though John couldn’t really see what she was doing.
“This will be cold,” she told him as she parted his cheeks with one hand and worked cold lubricant into his anus with a gentle finger. “Ready?”
“Yes,” John whispered meekly.
She returned a moment later, holding the back high with one hand while she expertly inserted the nozzle with the other. She wiggled it a bit until she was convinced that she had it seated correctly.
“Is this position comfortable for you? If not, go ahead and move.”
John quickly rolled onto his side, hoping she’d be too busy with the enema to notice his erection. Sally patted his hip reassuringly then unclamped the hose. John soon felt the warm solution filling him. She rubbed his bottom and side to keep him relaxed and told him to tell her if the flow was too fast, or if he had any problems.
Closing his eyes, John concentrated on the liquid that filled and stretched him. He rubbed away a cramp, and Sally began lightly stroking his swelling abdomen. Occasionally, her hand would graze his growing erection, but she didn’t seem to notice.
Finally, she announced that the bag was empty and reclamped the hose. Gently, Sally slipped the nozzle out. “Think you can hold it for a while?” she asked..
“Oh, yes!” John answered, lost in the blissful sensations. He heard her return to the bathroom. Alone, he reached down and began stroking himself. He could hear her rinsing the equipment. Carefully, he ran his hand along his swollen member. He’d be too embarrassed to come with Sally there, but later…
Suddenly, he felt her fingers on his. John jerked his hand away and looked at her. She’d brought a hand towel and placed it so it would catch any ***********. Gently, she used both hands to bring him to an ******. Afterwards, she cleaned him up and rubbed his back and tummy till he was ready to expel. By the time he’d finished in the bathroom, Sally and all her equipment had disappeared into the night.
John walked back to his bedroom. He’d get a very good sleep now. On his pillow, he found a card. It said : Welcome home!

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sounds like a very sexy surprize

I like. good writing, too.