Enemas Can Be Fun.

I remember as a young kid getting enemas. I hated them. Now enjoy them. There are times I need one to get relief. My medications have a tendency to cause constipation. In a few minutes I am going to prepare a nice warm soapy enema just for pleasure. I let you know how it came out. (no pun intended)

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I hated enemas when I was a kid too, but I had to have them (so they said) because I was one of those kids who "held back" making a poopy until they were soooo big, it was like a huge brown **** 10-12" sometimes. My mom would be mortified when she checked the bowl and seen one of those monsters, lol. Then I'd usually get an enema.

Now, I like getting enemas. I love to get naked and bare my butt for the nozzle and bag from my girlfriend, whom I taught about a year ago how to give me enemas. I get a finger up my butt first for a few minutes too, a nice extra that I didn't get from mom lol.

Unlike you, I enjoyed the feeling of getting an enema. The feeling of the Vaseline covered nozzle sliding into my butt sent joyful feeling in me. And the feeling of the soapy solution being forced into me when mom squeezed the bulb made me so excited.

Love to know more about enema like to try it

I get the medical benefits, but so love the humiliation factor, makes me wild with desire and sexual satisfaction

I have the same problem, my meds cause constipation and loose stools at the same time, so im taking enemas a lot and even fiber powder.. i also use milk of magnesia sometime, its fast as a enema too..

I enjoy a good enema in a warm bathroom.

I have always liked the feeling of an enema. I need to get some recipes for some good fast-acting and pleasure enemas. Can any of you help me?

The best fast acting enema is hot **** directly from a **** in your arse. Very erotic and very hard to hold. But only if you like **** in your arse obviously

yes I know a few I like warm wine too

Maybe do together on line some time

Loo k up milk and molasses enemas online--

like to do that

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Love having an enema with an oversized nozzle inserted into my butt esp. after a red hot spanking. My partner will spank me with birch rods ,switches or a wicked leather strop until I cry and beg for mercy...as extra punishment for crying like a girl, he "forces" me to endure a slow enema while pushing the nozzle in and out and generally reaming out my behind. What Bliss!

That sounds most enjoyable. I'm not sure I would like such a severe spanking, but everything else ticks the boxes for me.

oh yea I got a big nozzle it is 6 in long at least 2.5 around it fills me

Where did u get that nozzle..sounds fun.

I got it from enema supply on the inet I just got on of those big cucumbers up in my *** it fills me an feels great

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yes, that can be very relaxing...very hot, very sexy. From retaining as long as I can for some to the more intense ones. Depends on the mood. I'm hooked.

I used enemas for lot of years and tried many different soaps ect with the warm water, i found online something called a milk and molasses enema, its a very fast acting mixture, if you want som ething intense, look it up online and see how its made and mixed.... i would like chatting with you about giving and taking enemas sometime, ill give you my ym messenger if you like,

I tried the milk and molasses once awhile ago. Very intense and would like to try again. Sounds fun about getting together and chatting.

Hi-- im in facebook billmeh yahoomessenger also
duncan_mee@yahoo.com love to chat about enemas ect..

yes, love it and can be very fun. I've never done it with someone but would love too. I've done it on line trying new things while chatting. Love to find "recipes" that you can retain....and then the ones that give you cramps can be wild too.

love enemas like to share

after an enema you ever put some candy kisses in I am going to try a snicker bar cause I got one

Ivory soap disolved in hot water until its all milky looking will give you a good urge to go... Lemon juice in the enema bag is good too...

Oh yes, mirky. Enema games from a willing partner are lots of fun. There is always a happy ending.

I love a nice slo warm comfy enema

Nothing like a slow enema in a warm bathroom.

It's a great discovery, isn't it?

very find discovery I love it

Well I really got started with my best friends mother when I was twelve and nrver got over it. She knew how and was good at it. Her girl friend was also was good., I am on Aol. under JJmplmr34@aol.com women only no guys.

tell us a good experience

I agree enemas can be fun,I started getting enemas when I was 2, my mom told me,I will be doing one this morning as well,if anyone wants to talk enemas,I am on yahoo messanger as james195271,I am on alot,feel free to talk to me anytime.

Yes I enjoyed them as a kid too. Not at first but as I neared the age of about 8 I started liking them a lot. Later in life I took and enjoyed them and I still take one a couple times a week. Awlays for pleasure, I cant remember the last time I was actually constipated.

I received enemas as a kid, I thought I was not supposed to like them, so I had to pretend I was having a bad experience. But the opposite was really true.

I rember getting enemas as a kid I guess that stays with you I life cause when I was still a kid I put small things in my but an would j/o by 17 I was doing enemas when I was at home alone then I started beer in my butt now I am hooked on the fun an relaxing

I had ‘um forced on me till about age 11-12. Then I was sentenced to castor oil. But I liked the H20 in the backdoor and made all kinds of crud ‘pleasure delivery devices'. Now I can plug into the bathroom lavatory, chose from my collection of nozzles and FILL-UP. And enjoy the convenience.

I never had enemas as a child or teenager, in fact I never knew what they were until looking in my mother's nursing book. When I saw the illustrations and details I was thrilled for some reason. I wanted to have a rubber tube inserted into my bottom and warm water pumped up inside me. The idea excited me no end.<br />
Later on I had enemas and really enjoyed them and the sexual thrill they gave me. I am not able to take them very often for practical reasons but given the chance, and if it was safe, I would have one every day.