Thought I Was the Only One!

Have been surprised at the resurgence of interest in enemas.  The unique thing about it, to me, is that you typically don't get the opportunity to talk about it, or you choose not to, since it is quite somewhat private!  I was given enemas as a kid from my Dad.  He was quite the home remedy type and I know he administered to my mother and would, on occasion, fill me up, when I had a fever or such.  I don't think we had health insurance and he wanted to keep us healthy so we didn't require additional costly treatment.  However, I got to the point of enjoyable tollerance of the event, but didn't associate any sexual tension or connection until later in life. I do recall the last enema he gave me, though.  I was a freshman in college and home for the first time after about 3 months of dorm life.  I was really constipated and told him about it.  I actually requested that he administer, since I was used to that.  I awkwardly hid my arousal as I lay across his bed.  He was as gentle then as I'd remembered as a young boy.  I married a couple years later and put enemas out of my experience for a lot of years.  Have recently rediscovered, after being single for quite awhile now, the satisfaction of a thorough cleansing.

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enemas with erections...good plan...been there and continue to enjoy....let the warm soothing waters continue to flow 4 heath and recreation....

Strokeguy's story could easily be mine. I had the same introduction to enemas and to ************. The enema will always be held in high regard by me as a means of starting sexual arousal as well as the main method of cleansing the anal canal in preparation for anal sex.

I realized others got enemas. We didn't in our household, but I was fascinated with them, and eventually became proficient giving and receiving to other men. And I also came to accept my fascination with them. After a while, the shame went away, and I accepted that part of myself as an important and wonderful thing!

my recolection is when i was a toddler. my mom gave them to me until 12 or 14. then i did until i met my wife to be. i told her how my mom used to administer them to me and she thought that was a neat way to get me aroused. she started using the deutch attachement. she said it would be better. now she wakes me up early on the weekends and gives me a warm, soapy one followed by a session with her strappons.

A male friend used to do me. He really enjoyed ******* me with the nozzle and letting the hot soapy water slowly fill me up as my **** hardened and then I began to stroke it. He was a master at giving them.

My grandperants did me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!