Warm Feeling Inside

my recolection is when i was a toddler. my mom gave them to me until 12 or 14. then i did until i met my wife to be. i told her how my mom used to administer them to me and she thought that was a neat way to get me aroused. she started using the deutch attachement. she said it would be better. now she wakes me up early on the weekends and gives me a warm, soapy one followed by a session with her strappons. new Ajax. i find that a warm, soapy enema relaxes me so much, afterwards, i can just lay on the bed day dreaming. once every 2 months, my wife likes to purge me. she administers several enemas during the day. i end up like a wet kitten. sometimes we play to see how long i can hold one. i wear a diapper in case of an accident. sometimes she gives me a small one and we have sex while i hold it. i get the biggest erections when we do this. down side? have to get up very fast after *******. i love enemas, especially when my wife gives them to me. 

mielcaliente mielcaliente
61-65, M
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Mandy was telling me there's an inflatable one with an enema attachment. supposedly the Mistress can tie you up, fill you till you are bursting and blow it to make it into a full plug. according to Mandy, it brings new meaning to "submission".

I use a butt plug to hold my enema, right now ...