Soapy Enemas Help Gas and Bloating

I have IBS and constipation.  I've leaned toward constipation almost all of my life.  Now, in my forties, I need enemas to even have a BM.  My Dr. says that I am dependent on them.  I say that  I had rather use an old fashioned enema than a laxative, because I don't like the way laxatives make you feel nauseated and crampy for hours before you get some relief.

Like my Mother and Grandmother who used enemas all their life,   I use lots of soapsuds in the first one, and clear for the subsequent one.  Sometimes I will leave a bar of soap in the bag and shake it up.  The enema is very effective in producing cramps and good results.  I have lots of bloating and gas, (part of the IBS) and the soapsuds irritate the colon enough to push out the gas with the feces and water.  If you don't mind the tremendous farting, you can get rid of most of  it during the expulsion. 

The relief of constipation with gas and bloating after a large soapy enema is very therapeutic.

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Thanks for a great story.

That was a great story. Enemas are the best for relieving gas, bloating and stubborn constipation, which is something I seem to have all of the time. My problem is that my stool gets so hard that any gas on my system will not pass due to the hard stool blocking it from passing. Actually sometimes the gas actually holds the stool from moving down to be passed. I'll experience passing small hard stool, and that's when a good hot soapy enema is needed


I seem to have a very similar problem and I have also found that taking a large warmy soapy enema does relieve the gas and bloating that accompany my constipation. I live up here in New England and my mother and grandmother took enemas regularly as we'll as gave them to me from age 3 till after college. I own a 4 quart open top enema bag and take enemas 2-3 times a week. I enjoy a good soapy enema either first thing in the morning or just before bed. To respond my email address is Thanks


No I haven't, I'm fixed on the same ones I've had all my life. Tried and true.

I am with the both of you,I suffer from lazy bowels,I must take an enema for a bm,soapy ones work the best,I always follow with a rinse enema,have either of you ever had a retention enema?

sjm, like you I have to take a soapy enema just to have a bowel movement. My Mom,Grandmother and Aunt all took soapsuds enemas as long as I can remember.<br />
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I can relate to sitting on the toilet and straining with no results. I finally went to a GI doctor who told me that a soapsuds enema would be fine, though they are "inconvenient". I take one every 2 or 3 days but I have to admit I've never left a bar of soap in the bag and shook it up. Seems that would be very stimulating, though! Don't you get alot of cramping with so much soap? Thanks for your reply.