I Can't Have A Bowel Movement Without A Soapy Enema

I can relate very much to sjm's story.  Ever since I went into menopause, I became very constipated.  Having had many enemas as a child, I knew all about them.  Throughout my adult life, I have taken them "as needed" on occasion.  While going through menopause I have tried the fiber, increased water (10 bottles/day) , fruits and vegetables, natural vegetable laxatives, and trips to the GI doctor just to get my bowels working.

I got fed up with constant bloating and constipation a couple of years ago and now , to have a bowel movement, I  take a 2 quart soapy enema followed by a clear one, every couple of days just to have a bowel movement.  Yes, it can be somewhat "inconvenient", but with the constipation and bloating I have, it's a relief to have a good release.

My older GI doctor assured me that enemas will not harm you!  He stated that it is better to have a good cleaning out than to leave toxins inside your body because complications can develop without good bowel movements.  He recommended Conti Goat's Milk soap to swish around in the water until it turns white.  It is the most gentle of soaps and will clean you out without harming the mucosa of the colon.  The cramping is less than Ivory soap.

I always prefer a very warm soapy enema as my first one (or maybe two if it has been more than 2-3 days since my last enema) and I use either Goat's Milk soap, pre-packaged castille, or Ivory soap. All three give very good results.  Of course, you have to have a rinse enema or two afterwards.

I tend to have muscle tension and migraine headaches, and when I feel one coming on, if I take a soapy enema, it will relieve the headache within 30 minutes or so. 

My Grandmother kept a red combination enema bag hanging on a nail in her bathroom for many, many years and she took an enema daily. She must have had the same troubles as I do.  She lived until 98 years of age, and took soapy enemas up until she was 90 years old.  She always used Ivory bar soap and shook the bag.  I have fond memories of watching her when I was small.  Her sister was an R.N. and I walked in on her giving my Mother a bag enema in the bed when we were on vacation.  They are "normal", they are "safe" and I  share this experience for anyone who needs enemas to have a bowel movement.  Don't feel weird.or embarrassed.  There are many like us who rely on enemas. 



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You sound like me, I have enemas been given to me due to constipation. This started before I started to school.Mom gave me an enema for almost everything back in the fifties .Mom got me clean out always. I did put up a scrapat first but mom stopped the enema and gave my butt areddening and then the enema continued.Sixty yrs. later, I still use enemas. I now use a 4 quart bag.My only fear is not doing something about constipationsoon enough. If this happens, you go to the clinic anda nurse will put a plastc glove on and dig it out of the anusby hand.

It sounds like you rather enjoy the enemas despite being reliant on them. Good for you. I wish you could give me a warm, soapy enema (or two); I've never tried goat's milk soap. Why are people so embarrassed about enemas?

Hi, just out of curiosity, have you tried laxatives?